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Graham Baldwin

President and Chief Executive Officer of The Winston Education Group, The Westside School and The Westside Miniversity tm in Vancouver BC.

Graham Baldwin is a teacher and a lifelong learner. He is a powerful believer in the capacity of all children to learn and learn well; they just need dedicated teachers who know, value and understand them. He is increasingly dismayed by the absence of clarity, cohesion, logic, and good sense in education policy, policy that has failed miserably to create equality of opportunity for children by neither guaranteeing nor delivering excellent education for all. Graham strives, therefore, through his work in schools, his mentorship of teachers, his writing and his speaking, to show that where there is a will, there is, indeed, a way!
We Need To Prepare Students For Post-Secondary Mental Health

We Need To Prepare Students For Post-Secondary Mental Health Struggles

It is clear that strenuous efforts need to be made to prevent mental illness as well as to cure it. And here, the universities need to look hard at themselves, and at their part in creating the problems they now seek to solve, for they exercise profound influence over the high school years of the students they admit.
06/06/2017 09:28 EDT
Surviving The Freshman

Surviving The Freshman Year

'Ithaca is gorges,' proclaim both the t-shirts found throughout New York State and the first words of the Ithaca tourism
09/16/2016 11:36 EDT