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Graham Milne

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Graham Milne was born in Toronto but bears no responsibility whatsoever for its current mayor. He is a lover of shaken martinis, elegant turns of phrase, the silken sounds of jazz, thought-provoking movies, the collected works of Aaron Sorkin, the Beatles, The Big Lebowski, Star Trek, Star Wars and the limitless promise of the human spirit. He is a writer, husband, Big Brother, merciless cowbell player and can perform the Monty Python silly walk with 99.4% accuracy.
What Trudeau Lacks in Years, He Makes Up in

What Trudeau Lacks in Years, He Makes Up in Spirit

The talk about Justin Trudeau taking the Liberal leadership always comes down to the same points: It's not his time, he's too young, his last name is poison in parts of the country, he hasn't run a successful business, he hasn't accomplished anything noteworthy. If any of these arguments sound familiar, it's because they were the same things said about senator Obama back in 2008. Can Trudeau, like Obama, incite some excitement into Canadian politics?
06/29/2012 04:12 EDT
Rob Ford and Political

Rob Ford and Political Chicken

Ford's physical state has nothing to do with how he conducts himself or how he performs as a public official, which are the only things we should be judging him on.
05/07/2012 08:12 EDT