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Graham Templeton


Graham Templeton is a freelance writer and editor in Vancouver. As a writer, he specializes in science, reporting, and editorials.
Support Free Dominion Against Richard Warman and Government Alamy

Support Free Dominion Against Richard Warman and Government Censors

If there's one thing I can say about Richard Warman without getting sued, it's that he knows his way around the system. As a human rights advocate, he's brought more suits before this country's various "quasi-judicial" Human Rights Tribunals than any other lawyer or group -- though that's a bit like saying that he's sacked more peewee quarterbacks than any other NFL linebacker.
02/05/2014 01:21 EST
Banning Child Porn Won't Hide it From Getty Images

Banning Child Porn Won't Hide it From Pedophiles

Try to find some child pornography. Go on. Head to Google, or Bing, or even a porn-specific search engine, and try to devise a search string capable of returning pedophilic images or video. I'll wait. Once you're done, we'll meet back up in the next paragraph. In reacting to the story of murdering pedophile Mark Bridger, who was an avid viewer of child pornography, Cameron leapt to abandon his conservative ideals and swing the hammer of censorship without stopping to ask the single most pertinent question: How did Mark Bridger find this child pornography in the first place?
07/31/2013 09:43 EDT
How Rex Murphy Went from Critic to rabble

How Rex Murphy Went from Critic to Crackpot

Rex Murphy helped shape the way I think. He was a shining example of the type of strong rhetorician that this country rarely produces. Now, he openly deals in hateful diatribes cast down from the pages of the National Post. This means he has become what his critics have incorrectly accused him of being all along: a shallow, reactionary demagogue. And his latest piece will only prove them right.
07/28/2013 08:47 EDT
Don't Worry About Political Correctness - Say What You Getty

Don't Worry About Political Correctness - Say What You Feel

Absolutely nobody benefits from the hateful, idiotic idea that repressing our genuine thoughts and feelings can ever be helpful to anyone -- so say what you feel. If you take a moment to articulate yourself clearly and without aggression, I absolutely guarantee that you'll be rewarded.
07/15/2013 12:45 EDT
The One Thing Radio-Canada

The One Thing "Don't Be That Girl" Got Right

Rape education and prevention currently gives precisely no thought to appealing to its actual audience, and approaches men in a way that immediately puts them in a defensive frame of mind. Perhaps it's time to consider that what we need is not more anti-rape initiatives, but smarter ones.
07/12/2013 08:15 EDT
The Ludicrous Defence of Canada Day Terror CP

The Ludicrous Defence of Canada Day Terror Suspects

I don't begrudge Tom Morino his duty to provide a full and robust defense for his client, home-grown terror suspect John Nuttall. However, a recent claim that Nuttall and his co-conspirator Amanda Korody may have been entrapped into a plot of mass murder, the existence of which they do not deny, is simply ludicrous.
07/10/2013 12:12 EDT
New Rage Over Old Forum Posts Make Politicians Look Shutterstock

New Rage Over Old Forum Posts Make Politicians Look Irrelevant

B.C.'s election has featured a string of high-profile firings and disqualifications, and they've all left the attackers looking like irrelevant old-timers, relics of an era when it might have been possible to complain about forum posts and retain some shred of dignity. The Internet has given us the mudslinging equivalent of a nuclear standoff and mutually assured destruction has brought a continued ceasefire, perhaps then we can dispense with the winging and get on with the business of government.
05/11/2013 01:29 EDT
Nakoula Is An Artist, Because He

Nakoula Is An Artist, Because He Offends

Theodore Adorno said it first, more than 60 years ago: if a film cannot be other than inoffensive, then an inoffensive film is meaningless; we all understand that a child's colouring book is not a work of art, no matter how beautifully he or she colours within the lines. With the recent (and shameful) treatment of Nakoula Basseley Nakoula, creator of the deliriously offensive Innocence of Muslims, we would do well to take a moment to reflect on that old insight. Nakoula may be a bad artist, but an artist he is, and his bigotry does not disentitle him to any of his fundamental rights, nor justify the rank victim-blaming now dominating the conversation.
09/20/2012 05:11 EDT