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Grant Gordon

President and Creative Director, Key Gordon Communications

Grant Gordon is President and Creative Director of Key Gordon Communications Inc.

In 2001, after over a dozen years of working for national ad agencies, Grant broke away from the mainstream to found Key Gordon Communications Inc. An advertising and design firm based in Toronto, Key Gordon was the first creative agency in North America to focus exclusively on the branding and marketing of socially and environmentally responsible companies.

Since the firm's inception, Key Gordon has stuck slavishly to its motto "Branding the good guys". The company has worked on everything from alternative energy and organic food to arts organizations, philanthropy and social change programs. Together with Sir Richard Branson and Virgin, Key Gordon created FLICK OFF, the award-winning global warming activism campaign. Key Gordon's clients include The Shaw Festival, the McMichael Art Gallery, Butterfield & Robinson, the Canadian MedicAlert Foundation, Yukon Tourism and a host of ENGOs.

Grant is an active public speaker on topics relating to advertising and design, sustainability, ethical marketing, healthy food, and renewing the political process in Canada. In 2012, he was the Liberal candidate in the Toronto—Danforth by-election.

Grant lives in Toronto with his wife Gill Deacon and their three boys.
Why Don't Canadians Know Any Canadian

Why Don't Canadians Know Any Canadian Painters?

A Mainstreet Research poll found that 54% of adult Canadians cannot name a single Canadian visual artist, living or dead. In contrast, the poll also found that 97% of adult Canadians can name at least three Canadian hockey players. Are we really so divorced from art a majority of us can't name Emily Carr, Tom Thomson, Jean-Paul Riopelle or Norval Morrisseau?
06/20/2016 05:06 EDT
The Hockey-Industrial Complex Is Failing Canada's Young

The Hockey-Industrial Complex Is Failing Canada's Young Players

Maybe we've lost sight of the forest for the trees, letting hockey become an industry. We should remember it's a game, and let kids play and learn through play. Bringing back some freedom into minor hockey, returning a sense of play to the game, will help develop creative skills and, in turn, help us win.
01/06/2016 03:06 EST
This Election We Found Out What It Takes To Inspire The Youth

This Election We Found Out What It Takes To Inspire The Youth Vote

The challenge isn't simply to get youth to vote. First, you have to inspire youth about the act of voting itself. There's no point in getting youth to vote if it's an activity they really would rather not be doing; that won't form a lifelong habit of voting. You have to first sell the benefits of voting before you can push youth to the polls.
11/18/2015 03:05 EST
The NDP Dodged a Separatist

The NDP Dodged a Separatist Bullet

As a proud Canadian, it bothers me that NDP leader Tom Mulcair -- who had no qualms about interfering in previous Ontario by-elections on the side of NDP candidates -- refused to take a side in the Québec election. The NDP dodged a bullet this time -- fortunately! -- but such an irresponsible position should not be rewarded in 2015.
04/08/2014 12:30 EDT
Andrea Horwath's Fairy Dust Is No Transit

Andrea Horwath's Fairy Dust Is No Transit Solution

The reality is that the Ontario NDP caucus has publicly declared their support for raising revenue to fund transit. Their leader is going against the express, public declarations of her caucus. Andrea Horwath isn't just abdicating the legacy of the NDP, reneging on the Party's long-standing commitment to transit -- she's asking her MPPs to break public pledges and go along with her abdication of leadership.
02/20/2014 05:13 EST
Trudeau Critics Wanted Substance, And They Got

Trudeau Critics Wanted Substance, And They Got It

I'll leave it to others to sort through the constitutional implications of what Justin Trudeau did this week. But I want to comment on what Justin's move did for his "brand", because that's my expertise. Trudeau's naysayers attack him as vacuous. He's a nice guy -- but where's the beef? Well, Trudeau just showed substance and leadership.
01/31/2014 12:15 EST
My Brush With Madiba... At a Soccer

My Brush With Madiba... At a Soccer Game

I have no idea if the man eulogized by Dr Maya Angelou last month as South Africa's "David...Man of strength Gideon", was actually in the press box that hot, sunny day at Ellis Park. But I believe he was. I could feel it in the pride his perceived presence stirred to a melodious roar.
01/14/2014 05:23 EST
Don't Call Me a 'Taxpayer' - I Am More Than Just My

Don't Call Me a 'Taxpayer' - I Am More Than Just My Wallet

I don't like when tax dollars are wasted -- whether at the provincial level by relocating gas plants, or at City Hall by tearing up LRT contracts willy-nilly, or even by the federal government straight up losing $3.1 billion (whatever happened to that scandal, by the way?). And I get that times are tough. Saving pennies matters to a lot of people these days, and it should to our governments, too.
12/06/2013 08:23 EST
Trudeau on Pot Is a Political

Trudeau on Pot Is a Political Highlight

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau is right that legalizing, and then regulating, marijuana is the right thing to do. It will save money and it will help keep weed away from kids. Prohibition isn't working to keep kids safe from today's supercharged weed. Legalization and regulation will.
10/24/2013 05:21 EDT
Fast Food is Poison. Why Are We Still Selling

Fast Food is Poison. Why Are We Still Selling it?

We shared recipes and simple ideas for students (and their parents) to make healthy, yummy, affordable food. Because fast food won't change -- it's made by scientists in white lab coats to be as cheap and addictive as possible -- the only way to stick it to fast food is to replace fast food with quick and delicious real food.
10/16/2013 06:04 EDT
The TTC Has a Branding

The TTC Has a Branding Problem

The TTC has a branding problem. Let me explain. One morning, Premier Kathleen Wynne was late for question period. Why was
10/03/2013 03:59 EDT