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Greg Allen

Wiper of noses, maker of shampoo mohawks, finder of shoes, diffuser of tantrums and occasional lawyer.

Greg Allen is a lawyer in Vancouver and the father of a 2.5 year old human child and an 8 year old fur child. The two children often cuddle, which is cute, and then kiss, which is gross.
I Became A Feminist The Day I Became A

I Became A Feminist The Day I Became A Father

Were she to face any other systemic challenge, whether big or small, I would take that challenge on as my own. I would write, speak, march, lobby and fundraise until my throat was hoarse or, more likely, she became embarrassed by me and asked me to stop. How, then, could I justify turning a blind eye to the primary systemic challenge she would face throughout her life?
04/29/2016 04:02 EDT