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Greg Jarvis

Bandleader, Flowers Of Hell

Greg Jarvis is the bandleader of the Flowers Of Hell, a trans-Atlantic experimental ensemble whose work has been praised by members of The Velvet Underground, My Bloody Valentine, Spacemen 3 and other defining bands of their genre along with the international music press. The group formed in London in the early 2000s and expanded across the ocean in 2007 when Jarvis relocated to his native Toronto. He’s in the midst of completing a symphony which he’s been awarded a FACTOR grant to create, and he holds a day job lecturing on the music business and music history at Durham College. Many of Jarvis’s compositions are based on his synesthesia – he sees all sounds as shapes around him – and he’s the founder of the Canadian Synesthesia Association.
The U.S. Border Is Killing Canadian

The U.S. Border Is Killing Canadian Bands

Canadian groups headed to America have two choices: Stump up $2000-$5000 in border fees and union dues and wait weeks for a permit, or go without and risk a two to five year personal ban from the US. Whether it's a one night show played for beer and beds or a full arena tour makes little difference to the costs and paperwork involved.
10/24/2016 02:05 EDT
Let's Ban Ticket Resale

Let's Ban Ticket Resale Sites

This week I was trying to get a ticket for the newly reunited British shoegaze band Ride's Toronto date. The pre-sale seats went in a flash and two days before the actual general sale to the public, there were $35 face value tickets up on StubHub with prices set at over $2000. Those are mark up dollars that the band won't see any of. They're mark up dollars that won't go back into the music industry.
11/28/2014 08:36 EST
20 Years Ago, I Watched Nirvana's Penultimate Show in

20 Years Ago, I Watched Nirvana's Penultimate Show in Slovenia

It was February 27, 1994 and Nirvana was headed into the fire of the Yugoslav war, no one knowing it would be their second last show. While we waited for our names to be checked at the backstage entrance of a Slovenian arena, we felt a wave of excitement around us as Kurt Cobain and his entourage passed by the glass doors inside.
02/27/2014 12:26 EST
Westerners Don't Get That Russia Needs

Westerners Don't Get That Russia Needs Putin

Like with Iraq and Libya, many Westerners don't understand why a strong harsh leader in Russia is a necessity. We laugh at Putin posing shirtless on horseback and fail to appreciate that he could be photographed with his finger on the nuclear button.
02/10/2014 17:19 EST
I'm Glad Godspeed You! Black Emperor Stood Up for Their

I'm Glad Godspeed You! Black Emperor Stood Up for Their Beliefs

Godspeed are the kind of artists that inspire an underground group like mine to keep going. Any musician with an anti-corporate or environmental message is invariably screwed from the get go. But what's important is that in Godspeed's Polaris statement, they stood up and said something.
09/26/2013 04:09 EDT