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Greg Kushnick, Psy.D.

Manhattan Psychologist with a passion for offering the world the most actionable wellness tips available. Founder of Techealthiest.

Dr. Greg Kushnick is the Founder of, a how-to guide for mastering the technology of health and happiness. He is also a clinical psychologist with a practice in Manhattan. Dr. Greg is fascinated by the influence of personal technology on our well-being. He strives to offer in his blog posts the most actionable mental health tips you'll find anywhere (see for Dr. Greg's blog.)
This Nugget Of Wisdom Is The Real Key To Michael Rowe via Getty Images

This Nugget Of Wisdom Is The Real Key To Happiness

I wish I had followed this advice years ago; it would have given me a huge headstart on my pursuit of happiness. But I know it now, and I'm passing it on to you. After many years as a psychologist committed to making New Yorkers' lives happier, I've arrived at the conclusion that the single best piece of advice for finding greater happiness
05/16/2016 12:30 EDT