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Greg MacNeil

Vice President at Ensight

Greg MacNeil is a Vice President at Ensight and brings extensive experience in public affairs, strategic communications and public opinion research to his role.

Before taking on his current role, Greg was a Senior Consultant and Research Lead with Ensight's parent company, Navigator in Toronto. While at Navigator he led complex public opinion research studies on a wide range of subjects including, Canadian politics, natural resources, Telecommunications, health care and professional sports.

Greg has worked for Liberal politicians at both the federal and provincial level.
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How The Liberal Party Plans To Innovate The Way We Innovate

More cynical commentators in Ottawa dismissed the newly minted Minister of Innovation, Science and Economic Development and Minister of Science portfolios as a simple rebrand of pre-existing cabinet posts. In some ways, that was an understandable reaction. After all the new Liberal government was widely criticized by opposition parties for being heavy on style and light on substance.
04/25/2016 02:57 EDT
Adrian Wyld/The Canadian Press

The Conservatives' Rhetoric On Pipelines Is A Blast From The Past

Rather than engaging in a robust post-election rebuilding process and seeking to broaden its base, the Conservative party has decided to retreat into their comfort zone of regional grievance politics. Under the leadership of Rona Ambrose, the Conservatives appear to be abandoning any attempt to repair the national coalition that swept them to power in 2006. Indeed, today they look more like the Canadian Alliance of the early 2000s than the governing Conservatives of the last 10 years. The latest and most obvious example of this is the party's recent opposition day motion on the Energy East pipeline.
02/12/2016 12:15 EST