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Cartoonist and satirist

GROOCH is a generation"X", middle class, lover of satire, hyperbole, while ironically trying to keep life real. I AM Canadian (I do NOT live in an IGLOO!) I hail originally from Montreal Quebec (25 years), but now as a married father of 6 awesome children call Lethbridge Alberta home. I was raised a child of Star Wars, spending summers outside, and on big wheels, collecting comic books, Oliver North, and three's company. I've been witness to the invention of microwaves, computers and video games, which in turn murdered stove top dinners, typewriters, and snakes and ladders. But now where does Cartooning factor into all this? My answer is this; cartoons in the generation I was raised in were a much more revered thing. The Holy Saturday morning was the only day of the week that a person could watch them and I myself would watch until my eyes watered. Comic strips in the paper, the editorial cartoon, Garfield, Marvel, and Mad Magazine were all the daily staples of my continued addiction. I have a Fine arts degree and a love for art that has yet to pay much more than a Mc Donald’s meal. I just love making fun and funny art, providing a laugh to those in need of clarity and elevating the pressure of the day-to-day grind. There are a hand full of individuals that make a living drawing Editorial Cartoons and I thank them all for giving me an appreciation and love for being able to laugh in the rain.
The Paris Shooters Were Cowards, Charlie Hebdo Had

The Paris Shooters Were Cowards, Charlie Hebdo Had Courage

The folks at <em>Charlie Hebdo</em> did. They had the courage to embrace and use their rights to say how they felt. Playing like a loop in my head, was the fact that the shooting at the Paris office of the French satirical magazine <em>Charlie Hebdo</em> was the act of absolute cowards. Has society taken for granted the fundamental right of free speech and expression that allows us to voice our opinions? I don't care about religious affiliations, they don't change my opinion. I do, however, care to speak about the freedoms that were so maliciously attacked Wednesday.
01/08/2015 12:22 EST

ROB FORD: "I've smoked crack!" (CARTOON)

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford. Pinned up for display. This situation just seems to go from bad to UGLY as each day passes. POOR, POOR Rob has to now watch his associates abandon ship.
11/05/2013 05:16 EST