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Guy Crittenden

Editor, HazMat Management

Guy Crittenden is editor of <a rel="nofollow">HazMat Management magazine </a>and <a rel="nofollow">Solid Waste & Recycling magazine</a> in Toronto, Ontario. In his 21-year career he has won numerous Kenneth R. Wilson Awards for excellence in business journalism.
Why I'm Boycotting Tim

Why I'm Boycotting Tim Hortons

I've decided to boycott Tim Hortons. What put me over the top was learning recently that Tim Hortons has thus far resisted a campaign urging it to join with certain other fast food restaurants in weaning itself off meat producers whose use of things like "gestation crates" for pigs that are cruel to the animals.
04/30/2012 11:34 EDT
My Whacked-Out Voodoo Health

My Whacked-Out Voodoo Health Journey

You'd think that more than 20 years of editing trade magazines on pollution control and waste management I'd have made the connection that might exist between diseases like cancer, diabetes and the like, and environmental toxins in our homes and in our food. Switching to healthier choices is far easier than you or I ever imagined.
04/20/2012 10:01 EDT