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Gyasi Ross

Author, attorney, and member of the Blackfeet Nation and Suquamish territories

GYASI ROSS is a member of the Blackfeet Indian Nation and also comes from the Suquamish Nation. Both are his homelands. He continues to live on the lovely Suquamish Reservation; he is a father, an author, a lawyer and a warrior. He has a new book coming out, How to Say I Love You in Indian available for pre-order at (pre-order today!!). His Twitter handle is @BigIndianGyasi. He is a Seahawks fan and sees the Redskins as an inferior team but readily acknowledges RGIII’s potential greatness (and hopes Alfred Morris does well because Morris is on his fantasy football team).
Still Don't Know What #IdleNoMore Is About? Here's a

Still Don't Know What #IdleNoMore Is About? Here's a Cheat-Sheet

The #IdleNoMore Movement is not a new movement. Instead, it is the latest incarnation of the sustained Indigenous resistance to the rape, pillage and exploitation of this continent and its women that has existed since 1492. For those transfixed on race, you're missing the point. Please consider this a fairly exhaustive explanation of the #IdleNoMore movement, what it is <em>not</em> and what it <em>is</em>.
01/16/2013 01:14 EST