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Habitat for Humanity Canada

Mark Rodgers, President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Canada

Mark Rodgers is the President and CEO of Habitat for Humanity Canada and has been involved with Habitat for Humanity for almost 16 years in various capacities. He has been responsible for leading a federation strategic direction to support Habitat for Humanity’s work in providing affordable homeownership as an innovative solution to alleviating the affordable housing issue in Canada. He was named one of the social sector’s top 25 leaders in Canada and currently serves on the Board of Directors of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) as Vice Chair, as well as on the Advisory Council of Imagine Canada. His personal life motto is captured in the simple statement: Live to make a difference.

Solving Canada's National Housing Crisis Begins At Home

According to the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation, 12.5 per cent of all Canadian households experience an affordability crisis every day. Let me be clear -- this crisis is not limited to the real estate markets in Toronto and Vancouver. It is endemic and disproportionally affects low income working families, seniors, Indigenous people and recent immigrants. This is a large segment of our population that continually struggles to pay for the necessities of life.
10/03/2016 12:37 EDT

How Canada Is Helping to Empower Haiti, 5 Years Later

Five years after the devastating earthquake that rocked the lives and homes of thousands of Haitian men, women and children, the shadow of that tragic day remains. Thanks to the overwhelmingly generosity of Canadian individuals and support from organizations and government, progress in Port-au-Prince and surrounding areas has been made.
01/12/2015 12:22 EST

On National Housing Day, Many Are Without

Homeownership rates have declined among Canada's lowest-income group. For that reason, today, on National Housing Day, I strongly encourage you to consider donating your next dollar, or volunteering your next hour, to help a family move closer to homeownership. It's to everyone's benefit.
11/22/2012 12:33 EST

A Home is More Than Just Shelter

A common misconception about Habitat is that our homes are a handout, but what we actually provide is affordable homeownership, with low-income partner families repaying the full market value of their home over time. Last year, the lives of 227 families struggling to break the cycle of poverty began to be transformed as they moved into Habitat homes built in communities across Canada. Homeownership can change lives.
08/27/2012 05:39 EDT

Owning a Home: Not a Reality for Canada's Poorest

Not being able to access affordable home ownership is a major barrier to Canada's most vulnerable families getting ahead. Over the past decades, the wealth of Canadian renters went from being 20 times less than that of homeowners in 1969 to a startling 70 times less when this measure was last taken in 1999.
08/15/2012 05:02 EDT

We Give People More Than a Roof Over Their Heads

Before Lindsay Metzger's mother qualified for the family's Habitat house, that was not the path her life was on. The family of four moved around a lot, from rental to rental, most of them not very nice. Habitat doesn't just build houses. It builds better futures for the people who live in them.
07/31/2012 07:41 EDT