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Hafsa Pathan

PR professional, wannabe entrepreneur, mother

Hafsa is a twenty-something PR professional at 88 Creative, a digital agency in Toronto. She is a fairly new mother, and still very much learning the ropes of balancing both a career and motherhood.
I Wish Someone Had Told Me This Truth About Jamie Grill via Getty Images

I Wish Someone Had Told Me This Truth About Motherhood

The truth is, no one prepared me for any of this. Yes, I read about postpartum depression and I read about the sleepless nights, but no one told me that these fears and worries are common and can happen to anyone. I thought I'd be in the clear, and thought I was a bad mother because I was scared. But so many mothers feel the way I did; they just don't talk about it.
10/14/2016 08:57 EDT