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Hannah Jack

Actress, Comedian

Hannah Jack is a recent Theatre School graduate in Toronto! She prides herself in living the twenty-something dream, which may include, but is not limited to, buzzfeed quizzes, serving people brunch, mostly leggings, not having dental insurance, and finding herself!
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5 Highly Attainable Backup New Year's Resolutions

If you are anything like me, (and you probably are because I read like one article on the success rate of New Year's resolutions and it was very dismal, like don't even bother reading the research because I think we all know in our hearts what it says and it's just going to make you feel worse) then join me in participating in these "Easily Attainable and totally realistic New Year's resolutions for People who already fucked up but still want something to brag about on Social Media!"
01/11/2017 07:41 EST
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Nicki Minaj Is Teaching Me Where My Lady Balls Are

This isn't who I am. How did I get so skittish that I flinch at the sound of my own voice? How did I lose sight of goals that were so clear to me just a few months ago? How did I let fear and anxiety run my shit? Well, that's a dark rhetorical rabbit hole that I'm really bored of falling in to. There's always one person I can turn to to boss me up: Nicki Minaj.
03/07/2016 03:07 EST
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How To Succeed in Friendship Without Really Trying

Recently I started a theatre company with my six best friends. Sounds like a really great way to ruin a bunch of relationships, doesn't it? But here's the kicker. It's actually really working. We are by no means perfect and are still in the thick of figuring out a process that works best for us. These are the things that I've learned so far on this weird little journey.
11/04/2015 01:14 EST

Lakeshore Lessons From My Dad

On all of the Wednesday's in 2007 and 2008 my Dad, Doug Jack, picked me up early from school and would drive me an hour and forty minutes into downtown Toronto to attend Teen Troupe rehearsals at Seco...
06/21/2015 10:34 EDT

I'm a Comedian Who Doesn't Smoke Weed

Happy 4/20, you guys! On this day of days I want to take the time to confess something. I write comedy and I don't smoke weed. I know, I'm sorry. It's really disappointing. That's probably one of my most frequently asked questions I get after people find out what I do. Here's why it doesn't work for me.
04/20/2015 05:50 EDT

The 100% Foolproof Way to Stay Comfortable As an Artist

Whether you need to meet a deadline on that pesky screenplay or if you're just trying to get through the day without feeling the weight of your crippling fear of death, here are my top tips on how to stay comfortable in all of your creative endeavours!
04/15/2015 04:00 EDT
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Sorry Ladies, Clothing-Optional Spas Make Me Awkward

I'm a feminist, but that doesn't mean want to see your bush. Let me explain. I spent my morning at a water spa in the city. An important part of this scenario is that bathing suits are optional. Great! Cool! I'm a modern lady! I've seen Dove commercials! Nakedness is no problem for me. EXCEPT THAT IT FOR SURE WAS!!!!!
03/11/2015 12:50 EDT
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New Year Resolutions Millenials Can Actually Keep

Patio season took a toll on you, girl. Kudos on your sangria tolerance though, that took work! Let's take a little baby break, clear the system, save some dollars, walk home wearing shoes, etc. Plus, this gives you a very dramatic and lovely opportunity to ,at the stroke of midnight on Halloween, transform back into that famous little Drunkerella we all love so much!
01/05/2015 12:29 EST

Why <i>The West Wing</i> Is The Best Wing

What did you get up to this weekend? Maybe you hung out with your friends? Maybe you went to work? Maybe you did some errands? Maybe you wrote a super controversial Facebook status update with tinges...
10/27/2014 05:35 EDT
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I'm On An Emotional Rollercoaster With Lena Dunham

Dunham has changed the game on how young women can talk about their bodies, and their lives, and their problems. But my general reaction to this sentiment is UGH because we had to wait for someone to do that. I can be funny and popular now because the general public has a frame of reference for me. People can now qualify how funny or attractive I am based on another human being's life.
10/08/2014 05:24 EDT
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Thoughts on Adulthood From a Brand New Adult

As I creep ever closer to death and settle in to my old age (23 is the new 83!) I've made a couple of realizations about myself and how I'm gonna get out there and put my stamp on the world. So allow me to impart upon you my sage wisdom that I've accumulated in my whole, like, 16 months as a human adult lady.
09/23/2014 08:01 EDT
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This Podcast Taught Me Everything I Need To Know About Life

This is what happens when you realize you can't just smoke weed and masturbate for the rest of your life. That's maybe cruder terms than what I was actually doing (which was mostly Netflix and beer) but hearing someone say it woke me up. After spending most of my first out of school fall getting drunk on Wednesday days and dicking around I was just kinda sad. So I started a blog!
07/21/2014 06:17 EDT
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How I Learned to Relax and Embrace My Inner Basic Bitch

I'm in a love/hate relationship with Colour Me Rad. I totally appreciate the event. But it also brought out I side of me that I rarely like to indulge. It brought out my inner basic bitch. The last time I indulged in something so broadly stereotypical for a white 20-something woman I was on the floor at a Taylor Swift concert.
06/04/2014 05:22 EDT

Secrets of a Reformed Girl Hater

I used to be one of those girls who said I didn't like girls. Now I'm really embarrassed. I am a reformed girl hater. I still have a ton of dude friends (whom I also love and am obsessed with and think the world of and enjoy the person I am when I am with!) but I learned how to be a good girlfriend.
05/29/2014 05:35 EDT
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How To Survive Theatre School

You will not be a normal person when you finish this. You may wake up from this in four years and be like "who is this person that I am now?" I'm always sort of on the verge of tears, I'm too busy to eat or shower, I can't not articulate every single word, I haven't worn real pants in years, I'm not as funny as I used to be, the list continues for literal days.
05/01/2014 05:47 EDT