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Hannah Spray

Early Childhood Educator turned mother, this freelance writer shares about positive parenting and natural lifestyle on

Hannah is an Early Childhood Educator turned Mother, writing and raising her toddler on Salt Spring Island, BC. On her blog, The Big To-Do List, Hannah shares her thoughts and experiences of positive parenting and natural lifestyle, with a commitment to uplift and empower families.

With a knack for ruining recipes and being skilled at the art of the rush clean before guests are expected, she fills her personal time playing guitar and ukulele, knitting, getting crafty, and thinking about the long list of things she'd like to see, do, and write about.
What I Would Ask My Mom If She Were Still Mika Heittola via Getty Images

What I Would Ask My Mom If She Were Still Alive

The first time I carried a child, I suddenly had this intense urge to be closer to my mom. It was hard going through a pregnancy and a stressful birth experience without my mother's guidance and support (cancer can quit now, OK?), and I keep coming up against questions I really wish I could ask my mama, but that must be left unanswered.
01/27/2016 12:45 EST
5 Reasons Toddlers Are Actually Really Gina Addison via Getty Images

5 Reasons Toddlers Are Actually Really Awesome

Toddlers get a bad rap. Caused by communication frustrations, feeling helpless to control their own lives, experiencing an influx of new hormones and emotions, and constantly pounded with large quantities of new information to process to throw tantrums and test our limits many times, in many ways.
01/14/2016 10:56 EST