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Hans Osnabrugge

CEO, RingCredible

Hans Osnabrugge, CEO of RingCredible and Partner at Brooklyn Ventures, has advised startups such as SoSocio and ValueWait, among many others global operations. He’s a pioneer in mobile VoIP solutions, and has extensive experience in the wealth management and start-up sectors, where he has consistently netted proven results. At RingCredible, Hans and his team pioneered the world of VoIP, and led the app in surpassing global competitors in the Netherlands and getting to almost 400,000 users in just 4 months. Hans turned RingCredible into the next solution in the industry, poised to quickly expand around the world.
Are Canadians Being Gouged On Long-Distance Shutterstock

Are Canadians Being Gouged On Long-Distance Calling?

Calling in Canada is really expensive, especially long distance and international calling from Canada. It's a big source of pain for many families. A handful of companies shouldn't own an entire industry and set exorbitant prices. VoIP, or voice over Internet Protocol, is a simple and inexpensive solution.
05/27/2013 05:30 EDT