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Harry Minaker

Corporate communications specialist

Born in St. Catharines Ontario in 1953, educated at Brock University and the University of Toronto, Harry Minaker has lived in Toronto Canada since 1979.

Harry has worked as a corporate communications specialist since 1982, running companies that have focused on investor relations, public affairs, as well as marketing, advertising and sales support. Longer ago he was as a commercial fisherman on Canada’s West Coast and then later the sales director for Alpine Helicopters in Calgary.

Harry’s two sons and two daughters mean the world to him. He’s an amateur chef, an avid sailor and a committed motorcyclist. Upon finding himself unexpectedly single at age 52, he’s seized the opportunity to set a new course and now looks ahead to a life of involvement and support of the visual and performing arts.

In this forum Harry will respond to world affairs and write on topics as diverse as music, theatre, cooking, and travel… as he explores the possibilities of living life imaginatively, compassionately and well.
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