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Hayley Elsaesser

Canadian fashion designer known for her bold colour combinations, imaginative
prints and inclusive model casting

Hayley Elsaesser is a Canadian fashion designer known for her bold colour combinations, imaginative
prints, and inclusive model casting. Hayley got her start in Australia in 2013 after graduating from the
Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia. She was selected as one of 12 graduating
students from across the country to showcase her debut collection at the Melbourne Fashion Festival.
She subsequently showed in Sydney before returning home to Canada where she has showed multiple
times at Toronto Fashion Week. In February 2017, she presented at Milk Studios in New York City in
support of her FW17 collection, Déjà Moon, which was well received, with lines around the block.
Producing a solo show in New York was a daunting task, but Hayley was excited to be so well received.
Hayley has gained international attention thanks to celebrity fans such as Kesha, Alessia Cara, Kat Von D
and Joe Jonas. She designed a custom look for Katy Perry’s cameo in Madonna’s ‘Bitch, I’m Madonna’
music video and created a custom pants suit for Miley Cyrus’ ‘The Voice’ promo photos featuring Miley’s
pet pig. Hayley’s designs are inspired by pop culture, music, film and childhood nostalgia and her
imaginative collection stories and penchant for open casting a wide array of non-agency models ensures
that her runway shows, and campaign photography are always a unique breath of fresh air. Despite the
fact that her designs feature bright colours and whimsical imagery, Hayley has been vocal in support of
issues she feels strongly about, such as more representative model casting and healthy body and beauty
standards. Hayley’s pieces are generally classic silhouettes in comfortable, and fit friendly fabrics, meant
to be transseasonal wearable art.