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Heather Connor

Mother, Advocate

Originally from The United States, Heather has spent the last 13 years in Canada. Four years ago, after a long search that yielded no answers for the cause of her boys mystery symptoms, she gave up her career as a Surgical Device Rep to focus on getting her kids the care and treatment they needed.

Since then, both of her children have been diagnosed with Dystonia, a little known neurological movement disorder that causes painful twisting and contractions of any voluntary muscle in the body.

In 2016 she joined the board of directors for the Dystonia Medical Research Foundation Canada and has also found her voice as an advocate for dystonia through her blog, "Raising Dystonia."

Connect with her on Facebook at Raising Dystonia and on Twitter @RaisingDystonia
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Both of my boys have a rare neurological movement disorder called Dystonia. It causes painful twisting and contractions of the muscles. The episodic nature of it means that one minute they are running and playing like any other child and the next minute their hands and legs stop working. This means lots of falls and has made my six year old apprehensive about participating in team sports.And then he saw you play.
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