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Heather Greenwood Davis

Travel Columnist

Heather Greenwood Davis is a multiple award-winning journalist, travel columnist, freelance feature writer and blogger. Her columns and feature articles appear in newspapers, magazines and online publications around the world including O Magazine, National Geographic Traveler, The Toronto Star, Lexpert Magazine, Canadian Living Magazine, Parents Canada and more. You may have also caught her on one of many television or radio guest expert appearances. Heather became the subject of much media attention when she and her husband dropped everything, pulled their two sons under the age of 10 out of school and travelled the world for a year. The family visited 29 countries on six continents from June 2011 – June 2012, sharing the inspiring journey on their website , social media channels and traditional media outlets and inspiring people around the world. Always up for a travel chat, reach her at @greenwooddavis on twitter and @heathergd on instagram
How To Fly Electronics-Free With Your

How To Fly Electronics-Free With Your Kids

Tablets and small computers have been a staple on our family air trips since the kids were little. That being said, I do think - no matter where you fall on whether the rules should be in place -- that there are things you can do to make sure an electronics-free flight doesn't result in hair-pulling and screaming (and yes, I'm looking at you dad.).
03/29/2017 04:28 EDT
4 Stress-Free Ways To Travel With Kids On

4 Stress-Free Ways To Travel With Kids On Planes

Listen, I get that traveling with kids can be tough. I've done it with babies, toddlers, schoolboys and teens. I've been on a plane planning for a 5-hour trip to dreamland only to be startled awake by a baby's piercing wail. I've been the unhappy recipient of a child whose happiness is manifested through swinging feet that make constant contact with the back of my chair. I get it.
08/23/2016 07:59 EDT
Keeping Your Kids Safe On Vacation Near

Keeping Your Kids Safe On Vacation Near Wildlife

As parents, recent stories of children wandering off and tragically encountering a gorilla or an alligator strike fear into our hearts. We've all lost sight of a child for a moment while tending to another or had two toddlers shoot off in separate directions at a theme park. So how can we show our kids the world while keeping them safe?
06/17/2016 01:02 EDT
Terror Threats: How To Decide If Your Kids Should Still

Terror Threats: How To Decide If Your Kids Should Still Travel

When acts of terror rock our world, the last thing we want to think about is whether our kids are in the middle of it. Just the thought of someone you love being in that kind of trouble can make you catch your breath. So what do you do when your kids have the opportunity to travel?
04/08/2016 01:14 EDT
How To Choose The Right Cruise For 'Wave

How To Choose The Right Cruise For 'Wave Season'

It's Wave Season -- a three-month period when cruise companies put out their best deals and offers to entice travellers. You can grab some amazing deals on cruises to the Mediterranean, Caribbean, Alaska and more. But choosing which cruise and destination are right for you can be a challenge.
02/10/2016 04:09 EST