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Heather Korol

Speaker, Author: A Slice of Happy

Heather Korol is a speaker, writer, wife and mother of three that believes perspective is the key to staying sane in the years between your first baby and your last baby finally old enough to make their own breakfast. She maintains her healthy attitude with a strict diet of coffee for breakfast and wine for dinner. When she is not grinding java beans she writes for Get Out There and Breathe Magazine and has recently finished her first book, A Slice of Happy – Because the Whole Pie is Overrated. You can find Heather and her book at
There Are Only Three Kinds of Book

There Are Only Three Kinds of Book Clubs

Books are doors that open into a vast and unending variety of worlds and experiences and the book clubs we attend are the real doors that open into peoples lives so we can share those words and our journeys.
12/03/2014 06:11 EST
I Say A Little Prayer Before I Throw Out My Kids' Art

I Say A Little Prayer Before I Throw Out My Kids' Art Work

I'm grateful that you see art in everything. I'm grateful that you go to a school with the time to teach art that allows you to be expressive even if I can't put it in the recycle bin because you will just take it out again.
05/01/2013 05:29 EDT
That's Right: I Yell at my

That's Right: I Yell at my Kids

Some families have a chore board or a swear jar -- we have a yelling chart. Some days I have the most blocks on the yelling chart but some days I win <em>the best mommy ribbon</em>. I know my mothering isn't prefect but I'm not failing either. I'm trying.
04/04/2013 05:21 EDT
Do Women Have a Purse

Do Women Have a Purse Gene?

Have you seen my purse? It can house a small animal, a bucket of make-up, an e-reader, a lunch packed in Tupperware, an iPhone, mints, credit cards, travel coffee mug, keys, Scotch tape, small scissors and, of course, an extra pair of shoes. Have I learned to be this way? Nature vs. nurture, which is it?
02/09/2013 11:51 EST
Don't Forget About Your Spouse When You Have

Don't Forget About Your Spouse When You Have Kids

My husband and I had two children 18 months apart. If you have your kids close together like we did, the "lost zone" can stretch up to five years -- in a row. That's a long time to be living together but doing different things. Remembering to be married means remembering to be together on a basic level, kissing, touching, nice words, helping each other.
11/29/2012 07:56 EST