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Heather Magee is a digital strategist and freelance writer, currently living in Los Angeles. More of her stories can be found at
Take a Whimsical Hike in the Hollywood Heather Magee

Take a Whimsical Hike in the Hollywood Hills

The first thing I wanted to do on a recent trip to West Hollywood was to seek out the Wisdom Tree. It sounds like something you'd be more likely to stumble upon in San Francisco rather than L.A., but I was fascinated by the story that has transformed this lone tree into a budding tourist attraction.
05/08/2015 05:12 EDT
Playboy Magazine Needs More Style and Less Paul Archuleta via Getty Images

Playboy Magazine Needs More Style and Less Sex

I get it, Playboy is a men's lifestyle magazine, it's not the New Yorker. And I love and appreciate the female form just as much as the next guy (or girl). But the clever balance between sex and smart story-telling, art and entertainment, politics and satire has shifted. Like a viral celebrity sex tape or a generation desensitized by the internet, the thrill is gone.
03/29/2015 10:45 EDT
Castaway on Nicaragua's Corn nicaragua

Castaway on Nicaragua's Corn Islands

Situated just 70 kilometers east of Nicaragua's Caribbean coast, Big and Little Corn Islands have become a mandatory stop for travelers making their way across Central America. Deserted stretches of white sandy beaches, turquoise waters, lush jungle and abundant sea life make it almost irresistible to anyone passing through the region. And many people overstay. Some never leave.
02/09/2015 12:48 EST
Should Couples Be Allowed to Crowdfund Their Image Source via Getty Images

Should Couples Be Allowed to Crowdfund Their Adoption?

While crowdfunding sites were created to give the underdog a chance and essentially foster free enterprise where start-ups are concerned, it never occurred to me to use these platforms as an opportunity to raise funds for personal pursuits. Especially something as personal as adopting a baby. But does that make it wrong, unethical or crass, even? What do you think? If you had a friend or family member crowdfunding an adoption, would you contribute?
11/15/2014 11:42 EST
VIFF 2014 Opening Gala: The Crowd Went VIFF/Facebook

VIFF 2014 Opening Gala: The Crowd Went Wild

The 33rd Annual Vancouver International Film Festival kicked off last night with the gala screening of "Wild," directed by Canada's own Jean-Marc Vallée. Although he and his cast were not in attendance -- VIFF rarely sees the level of glitterati our sister festival to the east receives -- the audience was electric.
09/27/2014 02:12 EDT
5 Must-See Films At VIFF

5 Must-See Films At VIFF 2014

Choosing what to see if always a bit daunting, as it's hard to squeeze 341 films into the span of two weeks. So to help you prepare your VIFF viewing schedule, here's five films I wouldn't miss.
09/22/2014 06:11 EDT
Designing a Perfect Desert Getaway to Palm Getty Images

Designing a Perfect Desert Getaway to Palm Springs

Temperatures are rising across the country as snowbirds flock north to settle in until the weather turns come fall. The thought of 40+ degree temperatures may not appeal to some, but if you're looking for an extra hot holiday for half the price, now is the perfect time to escape to Palm Springs.
07/01/2014 07:51 EDT
Vancouver Film Festivals Call for Getty

Vancouver Film Festivals Call for Submissions

The film festival season unofficially begins in snowy Sundance followed by Tribeca, Cannes and all of the corresponding hype that follows. Come fall, it's Canada's turn to host the glitterati and a roster of impressive filmmakers beginning in September with TIFF, followed by two fests on the West Coast that filmsters flock to.
05/26/2014 06:16 EDT
My Day As A Movie A-Digit via Getty Images

My Day As A Movie Extra

For nothing more than a laugh, my husband and I signed up for a local agency responsible for wrangling movie extras. And we get called -- a lot. Our availability limits what we can do, as we both have 9-5 day gigs, but I happened to have this past Monday off which co-ordinated nicely with an extra opportunity for a feature film.
04/26/2014 11:42 EDT
What I Learned Travelling in My lechatnoir via Getty Images

What I Learned Travelling in My 20s

My 20s were all about three things: hustling, partying and traveling. Hustling to move forward in my career, partying with my ever-growing network of friends, and traveling as much as my bank account would stretch. My values and motives haven't shifted too much in my 30s, but my approach to travel most certainly has.
03/28/2014 12:11 EDT
Discovering the Bohemian Beaches of

Discovering the Bohemian Beaches of Goa

Choosing the right place to stay is daunting, because Goa is huge and each beach town has a completely different flavor. I spent hours scouring the web trying to piece it together. My conclusion: if you crave some peace and quiet, but with reasonable access to nightlife, head to Candolim Beach.
03/14/2014 12:34 EDT
Where to Drink in

Where to Drink in London

London is one of my favorite places to play on the planet. Every time I travel to Europe, or anywhere in the vicinity, I try to squeeze in a detour to soak in a bit of the energy. And while Londontown is teeming with fine eateries, it's the drinking that sets it worlds apart from most North American cities.
03/14/2014 11:05 EDT
Embracing the Golden Triangle of Yuji Sakai via Getty Images

Embracing the Golden Triangle of India

Save your pennies until you hit Jaipur, because this is mecca if you've got a bit of cash to burn. Known for precious and semi-precious gemstones, block-printing textiles, and superbly tailored garments, all for a fraction of what you'd pay at home. It felt good to buy directly from local artisans and manufacturers as well.
03/13/2014 01:18 EDT