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Heather Magee is a digital strategist and freelance writer, currently living in Los Angeles. More of her stories can be found at
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Meet The Super Bowl 'Skittles Guy' From Coquitlam

This year, much to the satisfaction of football fans across the Lower Mainland, the Seahawks have secured their spot in the final showdown against the Denver Broncos. But perhaps the most devout -- and decidedly media friendly -- fan of all is Chris Boyd of Coquitlam, who caught the attention of major media during the NFC Championship game with a ... Skittles costume.
02/01/2014 12:50 EST

Passion And Paycheque Don't Have To Be Mutually Exclusive

There seems to be a certain level of shame imposed on people who choose to work for someone else -- people who make a living off of other people's passions, ideas and investments. The negative stigma around working a 9-5 is getting out of hand. At what point did we begin to feel guilty about earning a living?
01/13/2014 04:47 EST
Mads Perch via Getty Images

How to Crash a Corporate Christmas Party

This weekend marks the beginning of a month-long marathon of drinking, binge eating and social-schmoozing among the corporate set. But if you're running a little light on holiday party invites this year, fear not. There's hope for you yet. Here are a few tips on how to successfully sashay your way into a corporate Christmas party...uninvited
12/05/2013 01:31 EST

Rediscovering Vancouver's Past Through the Lens of Prolific Street Photographer Foncie Pulice

Regularly situating himself in one of five spots along Granville Street -- and at the PNE during the fair -- Foncie Pulicewould set up his camera strategically, capturing people at just the right moment. As soon as a subject stepped across a certain crack in the sidewalk, he would shoot, no focusing required. As word of Foncie spread, people would pass by purposely, completely aware he was waiting to snap their photo. Many of his photographs capture people dressed up coming out of the theatre, out for an afternoon of shopping, and in uniform during the war. Foncie not only captured portraits, he inadvertently documented the evolution of fashion, architecture, political movements and the changing face of Vancouver.
10/29/2013 04:10 EDT
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VIFF 2013 Review: The Lunchbox

Set amidst a modern Mumbai, beautifully capturing the color and energy of the city, The Lunchbox will give audiences something to smile about. Written and directed by Ritesh Batra, the story is peppered with perfectly-timed comedic moments, which balance the melancholy of the lead character. Khan is dashing - think India's answer to Tom Selleck - and a delight to watch in this follow up to his role in last year's Life of Pi. I should also mention the mouth-watering dishes, which will give you a hankering for Indian food from the moment the credits roll.
10/09/2013 07:39 EDT

VIFF 2013: 'Finding Vivian Maier' Reviewed

In 2007, Chicago-based historian and collector John Maloof discovered 100,000 negatives and hundreds of hours of Super 8 film footage and audio recordings which he acquired during a storage locker auction. What he didn't know was he was on the cusp of uncovering some of the most prolific American street photography of the 20th century. Vivian Maier spent next forty years working as a nanny for various families of Chicago's upper crust neighborhoods. She also spent much of her time with a Rolleiflex camera hanging from her neck, shooting people and scenes around the city, a hobby she kept quiet throughout her life. Her subjects ranged from the rich and affluent to the poor and impoverished with a penchant for politics and highlighting historical moments.
10/06/2013 07:27 EDT

VIFF Review: 'All The Wrong Reasons'

Written and directed by Canadian filmmaker Gia Milani, All the Wrong Reasons is a film about the difference between being selfish or selfless in matters of love. Milani maneuvers the heartbreak of PTSD thoughtfully, as Kate is faced with small challenges until her biggest hurdle is what defines her future with James, who has ventured down an impulsive path of his own.
09/30/2013 06:08 EDT

I'm 34 and Refuse to Let Go of My Partying Ways

When I was in high school, I spent an entire summer dissecting the dialogue of Richard Linklater's coming-of-age classic "Dazed and Confused." A few decades later, I caught myself muttering a popular line from the film to colleagues over lunch -- the one that quite arguably kickstarted Matthew McConaughey's career, "I get older, they stay the same age." Unlike McConaughey's character, I wasn't referring to high school girls. I was referring to my network of friends.
09/01/2013 04:25 EDT

Dîner en Blanc Brings Sparkly Spectacle Back to Vancouver

Vancouverites descended on the neighboring grounds beside Science World last night for the city's second annual Dîner en Blanc pop-up picnic and after party. About 2,500 lucky attendees donned whimsical white ensembles to participate in a tradition that began in Paris 25 years ago and I've been anticipating this event for weeks.
08/23/2013 08:28 EDT

Vancouver Pride Survival Guide

In case you missed all the media coverage surrounding the new -- and fabulous -- rainbow crosswalk in the West End, Pride Week is in full swing in Vancouver. I love how Vancouverites come together to celebrate this meaningful event and I'm grateful to live in a city that wholeheartedly embraces it. Get your self Parade-ready before all the glitter and makeup melts off.
08/02/2013 01:43 EDT

Benefits of a Motley Crew of Female Friends

Ten years ago, most of my friends were male. That's not to say that I didn't see the value in having girlfriends, I just preferred the simplicity and lighthearted approach of men. There was very little drama and very low expectations associated with these kinds of friendships. But once I reached my mid-20s, girlfriends became more important.
07/09/2013 11:45 EDT
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12 Places To Enjoy L.A. in 4 Days

The husband and I are mulling a move to L.A. in the not-so-distant future, so we spent four days falling a little more in love with the crazy town sampling its eclectic restaurants and bars. I always prefer places with character, so we end up lunching by celebs, enjoying happy hour cocktails, and dancing to reggae on a warm summer night. Here's a list of recommendations for your own fast and furious adventure in lala land.
07/07/2013 10:06 EDT

An Afternoon at Hastings Racecourse

Each year, horse racing events such as the Royal Ascot in England and the Kentucky Derby attract racing revelers from every corner of the world. But why hop a plane when you can experience an afternoon at the races right here in Vancouver? You're probably not going to run into Kate and Wills cheering on their favorite horse from the sidelines, but you will experience the excitement of betting on live horse racing while enjoying a day or night out with your friends.
06/13/2013 02:12 EDT

5 Reasons to Follow Andy Lassner on Twitter

If you're not familiar with Andy Lassner, chances are you've never watched an episode of The Ellen Show. Awkward selfies, family man confessions, and Bieber-shaming are some reasons why I've definitely found myself sifting through backlogs of Lassner tweets while riding the train to work in the morning. It's like falling down a rabbit hole of sarcasm and self deprecating delight.
05/25/2013 05:40 EDT

Checking In with Keegan Connor Tracy of 'Bates Motel'

Vancouver-based actress Keegan Connor Tracy is making moves on the big and small screens playing a variety of compelling characters. I sit down with her to talk about Twitter comparisons to Mary-Kay LeTourneau, actors who have surprised her, and her mixed feelings about live-tweeting.
05/20/2013 03:08 EDT

Darcy Michael: Skinny Bitch

I first started following Darcy Micahel's career in his early days doing stand-up in dingy cafes and half-empty bars. Today, Darcy is headlining comedy festivals across Canada, is a regular on CBC Radio's "The Debaters" and is about to start filming his first supporting role in a sitcom. I had the opportunity to sit down with the self-proclaimed skinny bitch as he packed his bags for Toronto, to discuss his role and thoughts around this next phase of his career in comedy.
04/26/2013 05:44 EDT

Monkey La-Las And Lazing About In Roatan

The ride across the island to West Bay was like a scene out of "Romancing The Stone". We were surrounded by thick, lush jungle-esque vegetation with no other car in sight. Unlike Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner, our road did not wash away and we were not chased by armed Colombians, or Hondurans, either. By the time we arrived at our charming bungalow near the beach, the sun had come out and stayed that way for the next ten days.
04/17/2013 04:01 EDT

I Call Foul on Wedding Guest List F*ckery

If I received a card in the mail advising me that I was not invited to someone's wedding, I would toss that bad boy straight into the recycle bin. Are there really people out there who assume someone is going to lose sleep over not being invited to a wedding? Is it really necessary to break the news in such an official (read pompous) manner?
03/24/2013 12:44 EDT
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Interview With Award-Winning Filmmaker Thom Fitzgerald

"As an 80-year-old butch lesbian, Stella may be an unusual movie hero, but her central dilemma, her goal, is to just keep her family together. Gay or straight, conservative or liberal, god-fearing or agnostic, everybody can relate to that simple quest. People root for her, they want Stella to win. That she has no self-censoring mechanism helps -- we'd all love to be that socially inept and honest from time to time."
03/09/2013 12:43 EST