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Heather Magee is a digital strategist and freelance writer, currently living in Los Angeles. More of her stories can be found at

Stealing a Kiss in Roma

There's something really sexy about Italy's once mighty capital. It's a warmth that moves through you, like a generous glass of Sangiovese. An energy difficult to describe, unless you've wandered it's winding paths. The feeling that, at any moment, something irrationally romantic will occur. This is Roma.
03/03/2013 12:32 EST

Pink Shirt Day: High School Survival

Looking back, I'm proud to say I never bullied anyone, but I'm a little regretful I didn't step in to try to help the kids who were being harassed. Of course, any young person reading this post knows this is much easier said than done. Helping out a kid who's being targeted could potentially turn the bullies onto you, right? But I encourage you to somehow find the courage to try.
02/27/2013 06:08 EST

Tarantino Unchained

He's a renegade behind the camera. A writing, producing and directing trifecta. He's arguably then most thought-provoking filmmaker of his generation. He is, of course, Mr. Quentin Tarantino.
02/24/2013 03:31 EST

Valentine's Day Alternatives in Vancouver

Maybe you're in a happy relationship, but you're sick and tired of spending triple the amount for a bouquet of roses? Or dining among a sea of smug couples all secretly comparing their propensity for romance to your own. If you fall into the latter two categories, I've got a few V-Day recommendations that may appeal (read, won't cause you to throw up in your mouth).
02/13/2013 02:32 EST

Is Being a Housewife Too High Risk?

When does being a housewife become too high risk? Shouldn't we as women be able to head out into the workforce if all of a sudden we're the sole financial provider? As someone who lives in one of the most expensive cities in the world, I can't get my head around how women can walk away from their careers without a worry in the world. Isn't it irresponsible?
02/10/2013 01:30 EST
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7 Reasons To Love Strombo

I've had a wee bit of a media boner for George Stroumboulopoulos since his early days on MuchMusic, schooling young Canadians on all the kickass alternatives to pop and mainstream music. I've chatted with him briefly at events over the years and he's always obliging and engaging, no matter how busy he is or how many other admirers are waiting in the wings to talk to him. Which is why I thought I'd publish a list of reasons to love Strombo.
01/29/2013 04:12 EST
Flickr: eGuide Travel

One Week in Capri

On a rough and rocky boat ride from gritty Napoli, amidst a rain storm and strong winds, our island destination appeared on the horizon. Home to haute couture, the Italian elite and considered the crown jewel of Campania, Capri looked shabby chic at first glance. It was October, a time when weather is unpredictable, but after one stormy night the skies opened up and this Italian isle sparkled just as I imagined.
01/26/2013 07:06 EST

Ditch Your Online Dating Profile

So f*$k online dating. Don't spend another second milling about your flat, fiddling with your profile picture. Instead, get out of your comfort zone and meet some new people. This could mean sitting at a bar on your own or travelling across town to a new watering hole. Ditch your regular routine, smile at strangers and make eye contact. Engage with living and breathing human beings!
01/15/2013 05:21 EST

Is Lifelong Monogamy Possible?

Having recently married, I can't tell you if we'll remain monogamous forever. As it stands today, I certainly intend to try. But I think that's a lot of pressure to put on any relationship. Monogamy has to be a lifelong dialogue that takes place as you grow and evolve.
01/04/2013 05:37 EST

Top 5 Vancouver Christmas Events

The festive season is in full swing! The weather is getting chilly (incessantly rainy), the malls are packed full of holiday shoppers (lunatics), and Santa (some creepy dude) can be spotted at several festive locales throughout the city. Oh Christmas. Aside from all the commercial hoo-ha, Vancouver lights up with some fabulous holiday events fit for kids of all ages.
12/20/2012 03:05 EST

Say What You Will But I'm Saving My Vagina

I for one would schedule a C-section. Before all you mothers out there gasp and accuse me of being too posh to push, hear me out. My vagina has always been there for me, through thick and thin. Some of the best times of my life have involved my vagina. We have a very close bond. So don't I owe my vagina the decency of avoiding such brazen butchery?
12/14/2012 12:34 EST

Why Are People Procreating?

Why is it always women who have to explain their choice not to have children? Are men prodded with the same line of questioning and expected to explain this choice like women are, or is it perfectly natural for men to feel unsure about fatherhood? As a newlywed (like, really newly wed) I find it odd that most people direct that question at me. As if to say it's solely up to me or my husband has no say in the matter? Going forward, I'm going to suggest that all inquiries involving the utility of my uterus go directly to my husband. I'm tired of crafting clever responses.
11/30/2012 04:53 EST

Vancouver Nightlife For 30-Somethings

The biggest complaint I hear from my 30-something friends is that they just want to go some place where they can dance, order from a proper wine and cocktail list (sans Jager shots) and be surrounded by people in our demographic. A seemingly tall order these days, but if you're looking for a good night out in Vancouver I recommend the following...
11/23/2012 03:28 EST

Eating In Paris Gems Thanks To Internet Access

During a recent jaunt to the City of Lights, I allowed myself to do something I had never done before during a trip to Paris... access to the Internet. I'm not big on being connected while I travel and I love to discover charming cafes and romantic restos on my own. This time around I decided to do some research.
11/18/2012 07:31 EST

MOfficials Put Prostate Cancer In The Penalty Box

I sat down with Justin Hull, participating Mo Bro and founding member of the MOfficials, to discuss his team's involvement. The group is comprised of linesmen and referees from the Western Hockey League who have joined forces in an effort to raise $47,700. Their goal matches the number of Canadian men who have been diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2011 and 2012.
11/06/2012 12:24 EST

Why This Australian Comic Loves Vancouver

Joe Avati is one of Australia's top comedy exports and is the number one selling bilingual comedian in the world. His massive cult following sees him criss-cross the globe performing his unique brand of comedy (in both English and Italian) on both sides of the Atlantic where he sells out shows in the UK, the U.S. and Canada. I had the opportunity to interview Avati about his upcoming show in Vancouver Oct. 12.
10/09/2012 02:15 EDT

VIFF 2012 For First-Timers

VIFF has a reputation of attracting a bit of a film snob set in comparison to its much larger sister festival in Toronto. Don't believe the hype. VIFF fosters a fabulous celebration of film, whether it's your first time or you've been going for years. Many people ask me how to approach the film selection process. With so many screenings spanning a two-week period, how does one decide what to see?
09/26/2012 03:47 EDT

Naramata: Best of the Bench

I'm not quite sure what first drew me to Naramata, a small village situated on the east side of B.C.'s Okanagan Lake. It may have been the sparkling view of the lake below and the warm breeze that hits you as you meander your way through the winding roads. It could have been the easy access to some of B.C.'s best wine producers.
09/15/2012 10:37 EDT

Should I Freeze My Eggs?

Often when I tell people that my partner and I aren't sure if or when we'll start a family, the same few questions arise. Can you imagine yourself 20 or 30 years down the road, with no children or grandchildren? Don't you want someone to carry on your family's lineage? Won't it be lonely with just you two?
09/03/2012 02:00 EDT