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Heather O'Hara

Social Entrepreneur, Executive Director Of Potluck Cafe Society

Heather O’Hara is a passionate champion for social enterprise and social entrepreneurship as powerful tools for building inclusive, sustainable communities.

For over seven years, Heather has led Potluck Café Society, which owns and operates Potluck Café and Catering in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside. With an innovative and entrepreneurial approach, Heather and the Potluck team have built a successful business while creating jobs for people facing barriers and improving access to healthy food across the neighbourhood. Heather is also leader of the DTES Kitchen Tables Project and board chair of the Hastings Crossing Business Improvement Association, known as Vancouver’s social innovation BIA.
Profiting In Business Without Compromising People Or Facebook

Profiting In Business Without Compromising People Or Principle

Business can be profitable without compromising principle and people. Putting people, both inside and outside of the business, at the core of business decisions is a unifying theme. Businesses that respect and support the needs of the people who run them are just stronger businesses.
02/10/2014 02:47 EST