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Heather van Mil

Wife and mama to 2 littles; freelance writer, blogger at Life, Love and the Pursuit of Play, marketing consultant and social media junkie.

By day Heather van Mil is the founder of and freelance marketing consultant with Word of Mom Marketing. By night she is the writer behind Life, Love and the Pursuit of Play where she chases Good Food, Good Finds, Good Fun….and 2 small children. You can find her oversharing about it all on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Dear Parents: Please Raise Boys Who Will Respect My Girls

I need you to raise boys who know what real women look like. Boys who know that women have body hair and curvy thighs or small breasts. Boys who understand the difference between actual consent and inebriated/coerced consent. Boys who value strength of mind, body and spirit over physical appearance. Boys who look for a partnership, not a hook up.
07/08/2015 08:32 EDT