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Henry Luyombya

Community-Based Researcher

Henry is a knowledge seeker, a firm believer in social justice and a community-based researcher with a long history of community activism. He started as a youth AIDS activist in Uganda, meeting Nelson Mandela for MTV’s Meeting Mandela movie to enable greater understanding of HIV/AIDS globally. In Canada, he has worked for several community based organizations, and sits on the Board of Directors at Africans in Partnership Against AIDS (APAA) and Fife House. Currently, he is a Project Research Coordinator with the CHAMP study at Committee for Accessible AIDS Treatment (CAAT) in Toronto.
The Best Advice I Received About My HIV Was From Nelson

The Best Advice I Received About My HIV Was From Nelson Mandela

I believe HIV is no longer a death sentence. I have had it for a decade and I have lived a full life. I have unfortunately lost many people as a result of it and for the last decade, it had consumed me as an advocate for its people who have succumbed to it as victims. In fact -- that activism has taken me from the most hopeless situation to that of hope -- in the home of my personal hero - Nelson "Madiba" Mandela.
09/07/2012 05:30 EDT