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Howard Kerbel

Business professional, writer and founder of It's About The Words & Conversations.

Howard Kerbel is a business professional who has worked in senior Brand, Marketing & New Business Development positions for more than 20 years.
He created the It's About The Words & Conversations interview series so people could share their personal stories about an issue they faced or a time when they had a question about life and how something they read helped them through their circumstance.
It’s About The Words & Conversations is for everyone.
Many of us have shared similar experiences to those discussed in the interviews- or know someone close to us who has.

It’s About The Words & Conversations reminds us that we are not alone.
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Bruce Cockburn: How The End Of A Relationship Led To Dream Work

Bruce: It goes back to the early 90s. I fell in love with someone who was married. I was with a partner at the time. It was very inconvenient but deeply passionate. And shockingly so in a way. I was approaching 50 and somewhere around that point in your life the stuff you haven't dealt with tends to surface and there's a sense of a need to settle accounts with yourself, with your past.
11/17/2014 12:22 EST
Howard Kerbel

A Conversation With BJ Thomas: Love, Near Tragedy And A Song That Saved

For the series It's About The Words & Conversations, BJ Thomas talks about that special night he heard Jackie Wilson sing "To Be Loved" and how thankful he is to have been exposed to those lyrics. They have stayed with and supported BJ through the pleasures of launching a career, falling in love, starting a family and battling addiction.
08/06/2014 12:25 EDT
Howard Kerbel

A Conversation With Richard Marx

For It's About The Words & Conversations, Richard talks about the pain and struggle he dealt with after the passing of his father and how a remarkable poem -- so unexpectedly given to him -- became an important part of his healing process.
07/04/2014 12:48 EDT