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Hugh Segal

Conservative Senator

Hugh Segal is a Conservative Senator from Ontario, appointed in 2005. A former chief of staff to Prime Minister Mulroney, and Associate Cabinet Secretary in Ontario, he currently chairs the Special Senate Committee on Anti-Terrorism and is a member and former Chair of the Senate Foreign Affairs and International Trade Committee. His recent book The Right Balance: Canada’s Conservative Tradition was published in early 2011.

Why Guaranteeing the Poor an Income Will Save Us All In the End

The wrong approach to poverty reduction is to ignore the problem, letting the ideological conceit that a rising tide lifts all boats obscure the hard reality that many Canadians have no boat -- or access to anyone who has ever had a boat. The answer is automatic top-ups for those who fall beneath the poverty line.
04/09/2013 01:00 EDT

Has Romney Painted Himself into a Far Right Corner?

A key challenge facing Republicans is that of moderation -- can they regain its luster and substance to capitalize on Americans' economic frustration? President Obama is ahead nationally and in swing states largely because Republican excess on the far right has put him there. If Republicans are determined to let abortion, apparent anti-immigrant bias and fuzziness on medicare define their conservatism they will be choosing the choppy seas of undulating radicalism as a base from which to win the bridge on the ship of state.
08/28/2012 05:09 EDT