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Ian Capstick

Managing Partner at MediaStyle

Ian Capstick is the Managing Partner of MediaStyle, a full-service public relations agency in Ottawa. Ian has 20 years of professional political and communications experience and has worked for Cabinet ministers and opposition members in the House of Commons, including some of Canada’s most colourful and influential political minds from both the New Democrats and Liberals. Ian was recognized by the Ottawa Business Journal as Forty Under 40 recipient in 2015. He is a regular on CBC News Channel’s Power & Politics and is a go-to source for comment on the changing world of communications. His opinion work has been published in the Ottawa Citizen, The Globe and Mail and PostMedia newspapers across Canada.
Election Polls Don't Tell the Whole

Election Polls Don't Tell the Whole Story

The 2015 federal election is awash with so-called information: left, right and centre. Partisans can find a poll to match almost any desired electoral outcome. This election is being defined by national trendlines. It's not healthy for democracy. The number of minutes wasted and columns spilled in earnest of polling results that are literally worth as much as the media paid for them: nothing.
10/14/2015 08:26 EDT
What the TPP Means for the Canadian

What the TPP Means for the Canadian Election

The emergence of the Trans-Pacific Partnership as a leading election issue comes as no surprise. The TPP's arrival in the public conversation confirms this campaign has the most focus on foreign affairs than any previous election.
10/05/2015 12:08 EDT