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Ian Carey

Writer/Podcast Host

Ian Carey is a writer from Toronto, ON. A graduate from the University of Toronto, Ian has been writing on social and environmental issues for over 5 years. <br> <br> When not writing, Ian can be found bouncing around between the various waterfront cafes in Toronto that collectively make up his office.
Please Stop Arresting Marijuana Activists, For Canada's

Please Stop Arresting Marijuana Activists, For Canada's Sake

In the end, all of the charges against Marc and Jodie Emery will be dismissed. So why bother arresting them? Every second of time and every cent spent to arrest the pot power couple will lead to absolutely nothing productive, and nothing which benefits Canadians.
03/13/2017 02:14 EDT
We Should Feel Bad About How We Treated Rob

We Should Feel Bad About How We Treated Rob Ford

If it had been your friend or family member demonstrating the same behaviour your first reaction would be to get them help, but our first reaction towards Ford was to want him to lose his job, blackball him from society, and then we laughed some more.
03/21/2016 09:43 EDT
Miesha Tate And The UFC Women's Bantamweight

Miesha Tate And The UFC Women's Bantamweight Championship

The pending 3rd bout between Miesha Tate and Ronda Rousey brings up some interesting points of discussion as it concerns how title shots are awarded in the UFC. The UFC will look to put on the best fight possible for them, meaning they will choose the fight that will garner the most fan interest/PPV buys, but the most marketable fight isn't necessarily the one that is the most appropriate from a pure sporting perspective.
03/10/2016 12:37 EST
You Can Be Vegetarian and Keep Your Man Card,

You Can Be Vegetarian and Keep Your Man Card, Too

Being a vegetarian is actually pretty easy. The food is better, healthier and provides motivation to look closer at the impacts of diet and health. What isn't easy is being a vegetarian while also enjoying a lot of "dude stuff."
08/27/2015 01:00 EDT
An Open Letter to

An Open Letter to SeaWorld

Dear SeaWorld: Boy, times have been tough for you lately huh? Profits are down 84 per cent, the public is very upset with you, and Steve-O from Jackass keeps climbing things to protest how you treat animals. It's a rough time for you, granted not as a rough as the lives of the orcas you keep in captivity.
08/11/2015 05:17 EDT
Civil Disobedience Isn't Helping Your

Civil Disobedience Isn't Helping Your Cause

A study from the University of Toronto recommends that a change in tactics is long overdue for Canada's culture of activism, one that does not include civil disobedience, shouting, or getting angry at all. There have been times and places where civil disobedience has changed the world for the better, there can be no doubt about that. But today, in Canada and in most cases, not only are such actions not helping, they are actually hurting.
07/12/2015 09:43 EDT
What is so

What is so "Public" About the Enbridge Hearings?!

Public hearings are rarely closed to the public. But that's exactly what happened at the National Energy Board (NEB) hearings in London, Ontario to review Enbridge's Line 9 proposal -- the first part of Enbridge's plan to build a route to move tar sands oil through Ontario and Quebec. In short, they kicked us out.
05/29/2012 01:36 EDT
Oil Spills

Oil Spills Happen

The likelihood of a spill along the route is high enough that it can be considered inevitable. A spill along any of the many rivers and streams the pipeline crosses, or along the coast, would contaminate fish and aquatic life. The contamination would then work its way up the food chain affecting the whole ecosystem.
01/31/2012 12:18 EST
How Do You Bring Up Climate Change at the Dinner

How Do You Bring Up Climate Change at the Dinner Table?

Talking to your relatives or friends about climate change can be an uncomfortable situation. Everybody has the right to prioritize issues in their own lives, and nobody should feel talked down to by someone who is concerned about the climate apathy many Canadians feel.
01/05/2012 12:05 EST