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Ian Tootill


Ian Tootill was born in Victoria and grew up in West Vancouver. He has been employed in the financial services sector in B.C. for nearly two decades as vice president of regional sales for a Canadian asset management company and as a director of regional sales for a major Canadian bank. He has operated his own investor relations firm since 2007.
Photo Radar Totin' Edmonton Mayor Gets an Getty

Photo Radar Totin' Edmonton Mayor Gets an Earful

On the subject of photo radar and speed limits, Alberta seems to have come to the party an uncharacteristic two decades late. However, the online petition, flurry of recent news, oped pieces and increasing hostility towards photo radar apologists gives us hope that Albertans will reject big brother and demand reasonable speed limits on Alberta highways.
10/23/2014 05:18 EDT
Removing the Risk Takers Makes Politics B.C. Gov Flickr/CP

Removing the Risk Takers Makes Politics Boring

I've had conversations with some in the media and I've yet to see someone quote me, so I'll say it here; we are insular and provincial in B.C. And unless we ignore the Alex Tsakumises of the world when they piously bleat about the Premier being unfit for office because she showed some goodwill and good nature by sharing a joke about MILFs with a radio host (who was fired for it btw), or ignore the media prattling on for weeks because of a dancing penis prank on a gay MLA (I've yet to meet gays who don't enjoy dick jokes) we are going to reap what we sow -- which is small numbers of people running for public office and even less numbers qualified to run for premier.
05/29/2013 11:32 EDT
How I Was Fired By The BC B.C. Conservatives/Shutterstock

How I Was Fired By The BC Conservatives

When I was approached by the BC Conservative Party earlier this year to run as MLA, one of the pre-conditions was that there would be an agreement that I would not suffer the same fate as Ray Lam of the NDP during the 2009 election. I gave party officials full access to my social media accounts and I told them I would scrub nothing. I think voters should get to know the person they elect. We had an agreement. They knew what they were getting, and we were good to go.
04/25/2013 03:49 EDT