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Ian Warner

Olympian | Entrepreneur | Marketer | Leader |

Ian Warner is a 2012 Olympian, author, speaker and has dedicated his life to leadership and helping business to reach their full potential through social media marketing. Ian got into entrepreneurship his first year in college. He started a blog with his brother called Cover Ground and together they ran this for 6 years helping hundreds of thousands of athletes in that time span. Ian has run a clothing line, custom tie companies, masterminds, mobile customer loyalty programs and so much more in his years of being an entrepreneur. Ian has had some success but has had even more failures that have brought heavy lessons with them. Reaching the Olympics and being an entrepreneur has helped him develop a unique approach to life.
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You Might Be That Parent I've Seen Ruining Youth Sports

Parenting has changed since I grew up, and certainly since my parents were growing up. Kids can get away with more and more, and the side-effects of this in the sports world are not good at all. Sports are a great way to teach kids about life at a young age; they are not about creating superstars with a sense of entitlement.
10/17/2016 12:27 EDT
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Don't Let Social Media Kill Your Self-Confidence

Have you ever looked on Instagram only to see a friend having your dream vacation, your cousin driving your dream car, your rival dating a girl you always liked, and everyone and their grandma having kids or getting married? I bet you don't feel great about yourself after this. We compare the behind the scenes of our life with others highlight reels that we regularly see rolling on Instagram. And it's bad for us.
08/17/2016 09:02 EDT