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Ilana Rapp

Writer, NYCastings, "V" fanatic

Ilana Rapp is a media-savvy Generation Xer with instinctive wit, quick humor and a taste for deep human emotions. As a former (child) actress with Broadway, film and television credits, she is adept at, well, lots of things. She currently blogs on The Huffington Post and writes entertainment pieces for NYCastings. She is a huge fan of the television show V. Ask her why her favorite number is 22. Follow Ilana on Twitter @LizardLadyNJ.
Actor Randal Edwards Plays Lead in

Actor Randal Edwards Plays Lead in "Package Deal"

Randal Edwards is still a boy at heart. His professional yet fun personality helped him make the switch to comedy. Randal Edwards, from Canada, plays the series lead, Danny White, in the new sitcom...
09/19/2013 03:51 EDT