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Ilia Blinderman

Culture & science writer, data journalist, advocate of using your head

Ilia Blinderman is a New York-based culture and science writer studying data journalism at Columbia University. He eats a protein-rich diet, reads a good deal, and once shot a 38 under par with 11 birdies (in his first and only game of golf).
Want to Vote as an Anglophone Student in Quebec? Good AFP via Getty Images

Want to Vote as an Anglophone Student in Quebec? Good Luck

Several students were able to register following initial rejection by returning and speaking to different revisors or to their supervisors. This eventual success, however, underscores the fact that that when insufficient linguistic precision is coupled with haphazard revisor training, registration becomes subservient to bureaucratic fickleness; that is to say, it degenerates into a crapshoot.
03/31/2014 05:38 EDT
Why shutterstock

Why "Average Is Beautiful" Won't Make Us Happy

If "beauty" comes to mean "whatever you are," the term will lose all meaning. Such a definitional creep will result in new terms being deployed to evaluate physical appearance, and the problem would remain -- semantically different, yet essentially the same.
03/07/2014 06:01 EST
Philip Seymour Hoffman: A Wasted VICTORIA WILL/INVISION/AP

Philip Seymour Hoffman: A Wasted Life?

Coupled with Hoffman's premature demise, the grim loss of his brilliance surely qualifies his death a colossal, agonizing waste. "I am a writer, a doctor, a nuclear physicist, a theoretical philosopher," he declared in The Master, "But above all, I am a man."
02/07/2014 12:55 EST