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Inessa Radostin | Toronto based personal & editorial stylist | Blogger | Content creator

Inessa Radostin is a personal & editorial stylist at Her background in photography fuels her passion for style and aesthetic. Inessa helps women discover themselves and gives them tools to redefine their success with fashion.

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5 Ways To Get A Return On Your Investment When Dan Dalton via Getty Images

5 Ways To Get A Return On Your Investment When Shopping

There are a few ways that can guarantee that you not only invest in pieces that you can get a lot of use out of but pieces that can make your closet more dynamic. Having a closet that is actually functional can help you redefine both your daily life and your future success. If you exercise these very easy to follow steps every time you go shopping, you should have no problem turning a closet that is "blah" into a closet that rocks your world!
12/01/2016 07:56 EST
Balancing A New Blog With Your Full-Time Inessa Radostin

Balancing A New Blog With Your Full-Time Job

The bloggers currently in the market make it seem so easy, like all you have to do is take a couple of pics, throw some filters in, drop a line or two and voila! You're a blogger! Except wait... turns out there's a lot of work involved behind the scenes most people are not privy to.
09/21/2016 03:43 EDT
Ladies, It's Time To Make Comfortable Bras Inessa Radostin

Ladies, It's Time To Make Comfortable Bras Sexy

Why are most lingerie lines toggling between the comfort and the sexy side, but never mending the two looks? It seems that as much as we would like to show our power and eminent equality in every other aspect of life, when it comes to our bosoms, we still put slinky and attractive into the same category.
07/29/2016 12:56 EDT
I Am A Fashion Ron Chapple Stock via Getty Images

I Am A Fashion Chameleon

For most people, fashion is a way of expression; for me it was a support system. When I found myself lost or in transition I simply picked a new character to play and let that character loose in a mall. I would pick bits and pieces of the people around me and tried to imitate their appearance. In true alien mode, I formed myself to look like the inhabitants of whatever place I happened to be occupying at the time.
05/30/2016 01:21 EDT
Home Office Decor For Tiny Westend61 via Getty Images

Home Office Decor For Tiny Spaces

Recently I have had the pleasure to start working from the comfort of my home and while working in an office environment can be thrilling and stimulating, being able to stay in your pajamas and sweatpants with ketchup stains on them is much more exciting. However, creating a home office space in a small condo is no small task. Here's what the experience has taught me.
05/10/2016 11:22 EDT