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Ingrid Bergman

Mother. Protector. Wanderer. Wonderer.

Ingrid Bergman was born in northern Ontario, to a Canadian mother and a Dutch father. She grew up in a rural area near London, Ontario, and currently resides in London with her two children.

Ms. Bergman began her full-time teaching career at the age of 23, on the island of Kyushu, Japan. Later that year she returned to Canada and began working as an Ontario public school teacher. At the age of 31, her life-long dream of becoming a mother came true, with the birth of Ava. Two years later she was once again blessed, this time with a son named Ethan.

Her life dream, so hard worked-for, of a quiet family life and a rewarding career, was not to be realized. Domestic abuse, mental illness, and a dysfunctional education system combined to create a reality for Ingrid that was far different than what she had longed for.

Time has both humbled and invigorated Ingrid, as she blends her idealism with hard-won knowledge that could only be discovered through experience. Ingrid's life continues to be a journey filled with twists and turns. She is constantly learning to embrace those twists and turns, while pondering the bigger picture.

People often introduce Ingrid as a teacher, but she identifies most strongly with being a mother. Ingrid knows that everyone has worth from the moment they are born regardless of whether other people see it; you don't need to earn worthiness because you already have innate value. She believes that the best way to teach her own children and her students to find their voice and their worth, is to discover and use her own voice.