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Isabelle Côté

Postdoctoral Researcher, IREF (Montreal)

Isabelle Côté, Ph.D., is a postdoctoral researcher at the Institut de recherches et d'études féministes (IREF) in Montreal. Her field of interest include violence against women, reproductive rights, childhood exposure to domestic violence, social work practices and feminist intervention. Isabelle is a founding member of the FemAnVi Research Collective and is a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa. She is also a board member at her local domestic violence shelter.
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Mental Health Issues Shouldn't Overshadow Victims Of Men's Violence

Caring for our veterans, particularly those suffering from PTSD, is undoubtedly an important issue. However, a conversation around mental health shouldn't overshadow men's violence against women and children. More concerning, shifting the narrative towards mental health and further away from men's violence make it even more difficult to hold perpetrators of similar acts of violence accountable.
01/06/2017 11:47 EST

Criminalizing Abortion Will Only Make It Unsafe

Let's remind ourselves that inaccessible abortion services do not eliminate abortions. The choice, or even necessity to terminate a pregnancy is a reality. Criminalizing abortion can lead to unsafe and potentially life-threatening options for many women in disadvantaged situations.
05/13/2015 12:53 EDT
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Restorative Justice at Dalhousie Is a Depiction of Rape Culture

The University of Dalhousie is currently facing a scandal regarding some fourth-year male dentistry students who have been caught posting sexually violent and misogynistic comments on a Facebook page. It was announced last night that the University will proceed with a restorative justice process. While some may think it might be an appropriate response to join together both parties in order to come to a mutual agreement on an appropriate punishment, in this particular case -- and in all cases of violence against women -- this route is likely to favour the perpetrators and disappoint or further victimize the female victims.
12/18/2014 05:12 EST

Why Is Ottawa's Hockey Team So Apathetic Towards Sexual Assault?

While it is legitimate for the players who weren't in Thunder Bay that night or weren't aware that an assault took place to feel a deep sense of injustice, I would like to shed a light on an obvious fact that has been quite irritating since the beginning of the investigation. None of the players in the team have spoken up and publicly condemned what has happened: not one.
09/19/2014 01:19 EDT

The Intellectual Dishonesty of Pro-Life Groups

Every year, thousands of individuals and groups walk through the streets of Ottawa in order to condemn the right to abortion and to highlight its alleged immorality. Taking with them busloads of catholic school students from all across Ontario, on May 8, their large crowds will ensure a national visibility. However, the means they use to get their message heard are highly problematic. It seems important to expose the intellectual dishonesty of pro-life supporters and the danger of their arguments for women's rights in Canada and all over the world.
05/06/2014 09:17 EDT

Men Must Give Up Some Privilege For Violence Against Women to End

Fear is a tactic repeatedly used to stop the denunciation of violence against women and to keep women oppressed. This fear forced on women by the patriarchal social order encourages women to remain silent and allows society to mask men's violence. Individually and collectively, we ask men to reflect on the ways in which they can question the exercising dynamics of power against women and contribute to the denunciation of men's superiority and domination.
03/13/2014 12:21 EDT