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Isha Datar

Author, “Possibilities for an in vitro meat production system”

Isha Datar is the author of Canada’s only scientific investigation into cultured meat and her work has contributed to the development of Canada’s first in vitro meat lab at the University of Alberta. She will be giving a talk at TEDxToronto conference on October 26 at the Sony Centre for the Performing Arts.
TED X Toronto: In Defense of In Vitro shutterstock

TED X Toronto: In Defense of In Vitro Meat

I think we have a gut reaction when we hear about cultured meat. I have it too, and it's not positive. That's undeniable. As someone who's interested in the technology, it's important to acknowledge that it doesn't sound that appetizing! But that doesn't mean we should reject it out of hand.
10/23/2012 08:10 EDT