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Isla Traquair

Host, buy.o.logic

Isla Traquair is an investigative journalist and host of buy.o.logic on OWN Canada Tuesdays 9.30pm ET/6.30pm PT Repeats Sundays 1:30pm & 6:30pm ET/10:30am & 3:30pm PT.

"Organic" Products? Check the Label For Toxins

Despite clever packaging, branding and commercials featuring more jungle than the Planet Earth series, the true origin of our products is a lot more industrial than we'd like to think. Cosmetics are among the least-regulated products on the market, so you could be exposed to a cocktail of chemicals you'd be better off using to clean your cooker or degrease your car engine.
06/21/2012 05:36 EDT
Tick Tock Biological

Tick Tock Biological Clock

I am an absolute typical example of a new breed of women. Been married, divorced, very independent, love my job, enjoy my freedom and subconsciously take it for granted that I will have children at some point. Is it wrong to want to be settled, secure, with a house and garden before we decide to reproduce? Morally and socially, no, but biologically we are taking a big gamble.
05/04/2012 04:07 EDT

Is "Traditional" Medicine Alternative?

I was guilty of thinking acupuncture seemed like a silly thing to do. How can tiny needles in your skin and muscles do anything other than cause pain? After one session I had to eat my words. I don't like needles, but I would be happy to have one stuck between my eyes every day.
04/24/2012 02:29 EDT
Insomnia: How We Torture

Insomnia: How We Torture Ourselves

Look at the people around you. Who can't stop yawning? The clues are there, it's just that no one likes to admit it. Those who do confess get a barrage of unwanted tips. I have been tempted in the past to punch people who tell me warm baths, and whale music will solve my problems.
04/14/2012 03:26 EDT
To Scan or Not to

To Scan or Not to Scan?

My mother's aneurysm was a shot across my bow. There's a chance I could develop a pocket of blood in my brain and I had just agreed to an MRI. Did I want to know if there was a ticking time bomb inside of me?
04/10/2012 05:06 EDT