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Iva Peric-Lightfoot

ESET Canada Country Manager. Enjoy Safer Technology.

Iva Peric-Lightfoot, Country Manager, ESET Canada

Iva Peric-Lightfoot is ESET Canada's Country Manager. She leads ESET’s Canadian operations, with a sales and marketing office in Toronto and works alongside the ESET research centre in Montreal. With more than 20 years of experience in the technology industry, she has significant expertise developing and implementing national and international channel strategies. Throughout her career, Peric-Lightfoot built channel businesses for and drove various channels and markets which included consumer, enterprise and e-commerce.
Iva’s previous experience includes Navarre Corporation and Symantec where her responsibilities included the strategic direction for distribution and development of new Canadian markets.
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How To Protect Your Company From The Next Ransomware Attack

While the damage of WannaCry seems to have been limited by a "kill-switch" discovered by British computer expert, Marcus Hutchins, security experts warn that new versions of WannaCry could still proliferate. All of which begs the question: How can Canadian businesses protect themselves against falling victim to the next worldwide ransomware attack? Here are a few suggestions:
05/18/2017 10:35 EDT
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What Your Family Needs To Know On World Password Day

As a mom, I've seen my children share everything with friends, including passwords. Hyper-sharing is part of their lives, where privacy and digital barriers are not a concern. But from an outsider's perspective -- especially a parent's -- the risks are evident. I've seen firsthand how this hyper-sharing can cause trouble when friendships end. This is one of the things that moms need to worry about today that they did not 20 years ago - keeping their children cyber safe.
05/04/2017 12:08 EDT

Cyberattack Risk Spikes At $10 million In Annual Revenue For SMBs

The evidence clearly points to the need for Canadian SMBs to increase their awareness of threats and ability to detect them, especially as they look to grow. Keeping these points in mind, there is always room for improvements in cyber policies and procedures, product selection and education because it doesn't look like cyber threats will be subsiding in the near future.
11/16/2016 11:57 EST

Your Password Could Be Safer -- Here's How

Growing up before the age of the internet and social networks has left many older users unaware and unprepared for risks looming in the virtual world. From that perspective, children today are lucky to have exposure to the best cybersecurity practices, such as keeping good password hygiene. For those not as familiar with the dos and don'ts, fear not -- here are the password essentials for both young and old.
08/30/2016 08:39 EDT
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How To Protect Your Devices And Personal Info While Travelling

During a vacation, you're probably not thinking about how you can ensure your personal information and electronic devices are cyber-secure. After all, the point of vacation is to unwind. That being said, your devices and information can actually become more vulnerable when you travel because you're doing things outside of your normal technology routine.
08/04/2016 10:24 EDT