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Jacki Andre

Advocate for animal rescue, cruelty-free products, disability rights, and random acts of kindness. Believer in kindness & the beauty in everyone.

Advocate for animal rescue, cruelty-free products, disability rights, and random acts of kindness. Believer in kindness & the beauty in everyone. Kicks back by blogging, listening to music, walking her dogs, and checking out her social media feeds. Jacki earned a Bachelor of Arts in English and history, and a Master of Arts in history, both from the University of Saskatchewan. She currently works at Disability Services for Students at the U of S.
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Pack A Suitcase For Your Smartphone

We seem to be relying on our smartphones more and more every day--and that is never as apparent to me as when I travel. My phone helps me navigate new locales; seek out good restaurants; take photos and videos; and keep friends and family posted on my adventures. I really can't imagine travelling without one anymore.
11/05/2015 05:03 EST
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Travel Apps That Help Keep Solo Travellers Safe

Travelling solo is my preferred way to go. I don't have to adjust myself to anyone else's sleep/wake schedule; I can eat wherever I want, whatever I want; I can go to any sites or shops I choose without worrying my companion might be bored; and I can make deeper connections with the locals. Travelling solo can be a lot of fun, and with technology's help, it's never been safer to do so.
10/14/2015 08:26 EDT
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This Is What Being Hard of Hearing Is Like at the Movies

I am hard of hearing and rely on lipreading. Video can be difficult, for a variety of reasons, including camera angle, voice-overs, sound effects, accents, and animation. Every time captioning fails at the movies, I am reminded of my inability to participate in activities many Canadians take for granted. I feel belittled, squashed, unimportant.
08/18/2015 12:46 EDT
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I'd Rather Diverse Facebook Friends Than a Clique

It worries me that we are being encouraged to groom our friend lists into small cliques full of yes-people. Because here's the thing: people are quirky and unique. Sometimes that quirkiness crosses the line or is just downright annoying. I get that. But the differentness of the people around us challenges us with new perspectives and helps us grow.
07/24/2015 12:05 EDT
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For Some People, Mother's Day Is a Little More Complicated

Since my mom died almost 10 years ago, I've struggled with Mother's Day. It doesn't help that I am also childless and single. Mother's Day is typically a mix of happy memories and sad introspection for me. I'm not the only one who finds Mother's Day complicated. When I recently polled my friends, I found a wellspring of Mother's Day heartache, and stories and tangents I had not considered.
05/09/2015 09:34 EDT
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How a Person Who Is Hard of Hearing Listens to Music

While my hearing is pretty bad, I can hear some things and am not considered clinically deaf. I had a CAT scan in my early 20s, which showed that my cochleas didn't completely form. My diagnosis is "profound hearing loss." Loud, deep noises are my friends. I've never heard a bird sing. I can't hear the kettle whistle or the doorbell ring.
02/02/2015 04:48 EST
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Resolve to Try Cruelty Free Products in 2015

The issue of animal testing is a murky minefield. I'm not here to preach. You can Google if you're interested in the issue. The lines I have drawn for myself will be questionable to some. But I believe that you don't have to be a radical protester to make a difference -- every small choice you make counts.
12/29/2014 11:52 EST
Jacki Andre

How Posting Selfies Can Boost Your Self-Esteem

I don't like pictures of myself, and I did a lot of self-reflection about that during the selfie project. The rules for the Selfie Project were simple: post at least five selfies on Facebook over the course of a week and talk to me about the experience afterwards. I don't consider myself "attractive" in any way the idea is bounced around: cute, pretty, beautiful, sexy. I am not alone.
08/21/2014 12:09 EDT

How Corey Hart Helped My Self-Esteem

I am just one of many thousands of Corey Hart fans, and I can't explain how deeply Corey's acknowledgements touch me. I've spent a lot of my life on the periphery. I've been stood up, left behind, forgotten about. I live a very lonely existence at times. To have Corey recognize me this way -- Corey Hart! -- an internationally acclaimed pop star who I've admired almost my whole life -- fulfills me in a way I can't explain.
07/07/2014 11:44 EDT