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Jackie B. Hamilton

Author and blogger

I am the author of Carnet de route pour manifester l'inattendu, a personal growth book. An English version will be available soon.

I also write for, and

I am fascinated by the human mind. I want to contribute to the awakening of the consciousness.

Facebook: Jackie B. Hamilton

Twitter: @JackieBHamilton
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When We Need To Pursue Our Choices To The End

The more experiences I acquire in my life, the more I realize that the most significant insights are those that take time to unfold. Very often, they appear when the last line of the story is written; or after the projectors are turned off. It is then that we experience true freedom, because we finally understand why it was necessary to go through it all.
12/07/2016 03:54 EST
Mike Segar / Reuters

Americans Elected Someone Who Looks, Acts And Thinks Like Them

Would it be right to think that many of our southern friends don't really appreciate Mexicans and that many of them show a propensity to misogyny? We can ask ourselves the question, can't we? Thus, I dare to say (or rather propose the idea) that Americans have just elected someone who has many similarities with them, or at least the person who was the most like them.
11/09/2016 04:55 EST