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Jackson Doughart writes a weekly column, which appears in the Huffington Post and the Prince Arthur Herald. His articles have also been published in the National Post, the Ottawa Citizen, and C2C Journal. Please visit his website at <a href="" rel="nofollow"></a>.
The CBC Wants 'Diverse' Students in College, Not Those Who Deserve

The CBC Wants 'Diverse' Students in College, Not Those Who Deserve It

What the CBC altogether missed was the most important plank of opposition to affirmative action: namely, that students should be admitted to college not according to shifting conceptions of "diversity" or to sweeping assumptions about racial-minority experience, but rather according to merit. In other words, prospective students should be judged not by the colour of their skin, but by the content of their character -- in particular their academic aptitude and personal potential.
04/30/2014 09:28 EDT
The West Should Butt Out of Ukrainian

The West Should Butt Out of Ukrainian Politics

The West, and especially the English-speaking West, has wrongly taken sides in the present conflict in Ukraine. Instead of making empty promises or threats, our message should be clear and decisive: "What is happening in Ukraine is a matter that its population has to sort out for itself. But, if asked, we will work with all interested parties to mediate a speedy and peaceful resolution." No more, no less.
03/05/2014 05:16 EST
How the Québécois Got Trapped by 'Civic

How the Québécois Got Trapped by 'Civic Nationalism'

Quebec is an advanced democratic society, complete with dominant leftist movements such as anticlericalism, feminism, and social welfarism. In fact, the motto of Quebec society could well be <em>laïcité, égalité, sororité</em>.
10/22/2013 05:48 EDT
The Last Man

The Last Man Complex

Any time that an unfamiliar idea is forced onto society, some political schlepper will invariably say something like this
10/18/2013 05:04 EDT
Shortcomings in the Campus Freedom

Shortcomings in the Campus Freedom Index

The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms has just released its annual Campus Freedom Index, which adjudicates universities and student unions vis-à-vis freedom of expression on campus. Though an important topic, there are some problems with this study.
09/26/2013 06:00 EDT
Secularism and Canada's Divided

Secularism and Canada's Divided Left

There are many differences between the platonic idea of secularism and the secularist statute proposed last week in Quebec. These differences will doubtless count against the Charter of Values, especially in English Canada, where a discrete conception of religious freedom and suspicions of sovereigntist motivations have elicited much scepticism.
09/19/2013 12:17 EDT
Obama's Syria

Obama's Syria Snub

It was a minor detail from his Syria speech on Tuesday, but I was alarmed when I heard the president say the following: And
09/15/2013 10:59 EDT
Obama's Plan to Punish Assad Is Not Nearly

Obama's Plan to Punish Assad Is Not Nearly Enough

Obama's "small footprint" action will, even if authorized by Congress, likely produce no advantageous consequence vis-à-vis American interests in Syria, but could illicit all of the bad consequences that are inevitably associated with acts of war. As the sports types say, he should go big or stay home.
09/03/2013 05:21 EDT