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Jacqueline Lee-Tam

Student, Spoken Word Poet, Activist

Jacqueline Lee-Tam is a 16-year-old writer, spoken word poet, activist, and full-time dreamer. She is a high school student in Vancouver, B.C. and the founder of Freedom For Our Daughters, a youth-run nonprofit that provides a safe and creative space for youth to work together on gender equality projects. She enjoys journalling, photography, and anything outdoors.

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Dear Rich Kinder, All I Want Is A Safe Place To Call Home

The power dynamics here are skewed, Rich Kinder. You are besetting my generation with your messes to clean up. You are forbidding us from standing up for ourselves. You are stripping us of our voices. And you are profiting from all this... Aren't you already a billionaire anyway?
11/21/2014 02:19 EST