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Jacqueline Lopour

Jacqueline Lopour helps lead CIGI’s refugee responsibility sharing project, which proposes innovative approaches to the global refugee crisis.

Jacqueline Lopour joined CIGI’s Global Security & Politics Program in 2015. At CIGI, she focuses on global refugee policy and major security challenges in the Middle East, South Asia, and Central Asia.

Prior to joining CIGI, Jacqueline spent 10 years as a political and leadership analyst at the Central Intelligence Agency in Washington, DC. A leading US Government expert on South Asia and the Middle East, she wrote more than 150 classified papers for two presidential administrations, regularly briefed senior US officials, and met with global leaders at the highest level, including heads of state.

Jacqueline holds a B.A. with Honors in English Literature and History from the University of California, Los Angeles. She has appeared as a commentator on CBC News and her work has been published by Reuters, The Globe and Mail, and other international news outlets.
This Is Canada's Opportunity To Improve Education For

This Is Canada's Opportunity To Improve Education For Refugees

Every child deserves a quality education, but refugee children, especially girls, are the most likely to be left behind. Over half of all refugees are children. Only 50 per cent of these children are able to attend primary school; 25 per cent make it to high school; and just one per cent of these students move on to colleges and universities.
09/20/2016 09:07 EDT