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My name is Jacqueline Melissen, and I write the blog I'm an editor and a writer, a practical thinker and a reader of books, a lover of laughter and a user of sarcasm. I have four very young daughters, one out-numbered husband, two very part-time jobs, and no time to shower. I can be found tweeting, @twofunmoms, flooding Instagram with pictures of my snotty-nosed children, @onefunjac, and regularly posting funny statuses on my blog's Facebook page: Twofunmoms.
It's Not Always Easy to Watch Your Kids Grow Getty

It's Not Always Easy to Watch Your Kids Grow Up

I'm so happy to watch you grow, and so proud of the big kid you want to be, even though growing often comes with pain. I love who you are becoming and who you already are. Grade two is pretty new to us, but it suits you just fine. Keep getting bigger, baby ...and also, stay small.
10/08/2015 08:15 EDT
What You Should Never Say to a Friend Who Can't Get Image Source via Getty Images

What You Should Never Say to a Friend Who Can't Get Pregnant

You can safely assume by the fact that I had four children in five and a half years, that I did not have much difficulty conceiving. However, two of my very best friends struggled for years to get pregnant, so while I would not want to give advice to someone who can't conceive, I do feel qualified to give advice about what do to when your friend can't get pregnant while you can.
09/21/2015 05:12 EDT
What it Really Looks Like When My Kids Dress Getty Images

What it Really Looks Like When My Kids Dress Themselves

Every now and then, I hear someone say, "Oh, I just love it when kids dress themselves. It's so adorable!" When they say this, I know exactly what they are picturing -- a little girl wearing a fun combination of fashionable clothing, full of delightfully mismatched colours and unconventional pattern combinations.
08/06/2015 05:24 EDT
9 Underrated Milestones of Early Jamie Grill

9 Underrated Milestones of Early Childhood

Typical milestones are not the ones I celebrate with excited texts to my husband and best friends, or give my kids gleeful celebratory hugs over. In my own experience -- and I think that four kids under the age of seven counts as experience -- these are the baby and childhood milestones that are really worth celebrating.
07/21/2015 08:32 EDT
Why I Avoid Most Tips for Travelling With FabulousTerrah/Flickr

Why I Avoid Most Tips for Travelling With Toddlers

To get to our destination, we had to drive for three hours from Vancouver to Seattle, take a flight with a layover, and then drive for another two hours to my in-laws' home. It was wonderful to be there, and my daughter was doted on by her grandparents and aunties and uncle, but the travel days were long. Here is my analysis of several "strategies" I considered using to make the travel easier ... or not.
06/23/2015 01:14 EDT
That Time I Lost My Toddler in shutterstock

That Time I Lost My Toddler in IKEA

Even though I knew it would be pretty stressful to go to IKEA with two toddlers, I just needed one item -- a picture frame -- and we were driving right by it. RIGHT BY. So I turned, even though I hadn't been planning to, and I parked in the underground parking lot, and we headed to IKEA.
06/17/2015 05:28 EDT
Hey Parents, Let's Call A Getty Images/OJO Images RF

Hey Parents, Let's Call A Truce

Whether you're more of a bench-warmer, or a helicopter, or a free-ranger, or an anything else, how about we let the labels go and appreciate our complementary styles? Instead of getting annoyed when I see you actively play at the park, with your kids or mine, I'll think how great it is that you're enjoying your day with your lucky child.
06/10/2015 05:39 EDT
Why Child-Free Aunties Are Victoria Fadden, Alamy

Why Child-Free Aunties Are Amazing

My children, like many lucky kids, have an amazing auntie. She's the kind of aunt who comes along on road trips, takes my kids for the weekend, buys thoughtful gifts, and organizes living-room dance parties whenever she's over. My children love their Auntie Katy, and my husband (her brother) and I need her.
06/02/2015 05:28 EDT
Four Under Six? How Do You Do Jacqueline Melissen

Four Under Six? How Do You Do It?

Having had four kids in five and a half years, I get this question a lot. I usually smile and say something like, "Well, it's busy!" but there are a lot of answers I could give that would be more honest and that would make me look a lot less "together" than I sometimes appear.
05/12/2015 12:35 EDT
To the Women Who Wear Bikinis in Front of My Shutterstock / Vasaleks

To the Women Who Wear Bikinis in Front of My Daughters

I don't ever want my kids to see me avoid participating in something because I'm worried about how I look, but I also want to feel comfortable and relaxed, which I find difficult in any kind of bathing suit. So thank you to the women who wear bikinis in front of my daughters, for showing my girls that confident women come in all shapes and sizes.
05/06/2015 11:46 EDT