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Jacqueline Shan

Founder, Afinity Life Sciences and Author of The Jacqueline Shan Story: Pursuing A Dream, Never Giving Up

Dr. Jacqueline Shan is a noted Canadian entrepreneur and accomplished scientist with roots in the University of Alberta and Chinese Academy of Medical Sciences. In January 2012, Dr. Shan founded Afinity Life Sciences Inc., a life science company focused on bringing high-grade and evidence-based natural health supplements to market. Previously, Dr. Shan was co-founder and Chief Scientific Officer of Afexa Life Sciences Inc. (formerly CV Technologies Inc.), makers of the highly acclaimed and market-leading COLD-FX®.
Pursuing A Dream and Never Giving

Pursuing A Dream and Never Giving Up

There are many challenges running a public company and I have faced them head on. When something happens people think it is the end of the world, but it is not. You learn and you carry on.
06/23/2014 02:12 EDT