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Jacqueline Vong

Founder, The Vong Choice

Toronto-based writer Jacqueline Vong takes a bite out of any place she visits (literally!), dining and fully experiencing each cultural cuisine and local culinary magic. She considers herself a "food-thusiast” and is the founder of The Vong Choice, a food blog devoted to sharing fine (OK, sometimes not-so-fine) dining experiences with fellow food-lovers.

A first-generation Canadian, Jacqueline attributes her Can-Asian culture to her passion for finding divine beauty within every experience. Such curiosity has led her in travels throughout the world, from Asia to Europe and thousands of cities in between.

Truth in conviction is an inspiration to Jacqueline, a quality she aims to live each day.

A grad of McGill University, she currently lives in the downtown core and enjoys a position with Mattel working with her second love, Barbie (handling licensing in Canada for the brand). A woman of many talents with a great deal already on her “plate,” she still finds time to work with numerous charities and plays a variety of sports.

In addition to The Vong Choice, Jacqueline proudly holds a position as the resident Food Expert with Fusia Magazine, and will continue to explore the globe for new meals to excite and entice her senses. “ Il faut manger pour vivre, non vivre pour manger.”
The Best Asian Food

The Best Asian Food Trends

In recent years, the rise of Asian fusion through the integration of Japanese, Thai or Chinese food in culinary cuisine has been a prevalent trend in restaurants. There's a new crop of Asian fusion that has been hitting the streets using inspirations from the lesser known or less popularized cultures from the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam and Korea.
10/30/2012 05:32 EDT
What's Hot in Food? The Nine Latest

What's Hot in Food? The Nine Latest Trends

Second only to eating, talking about food is simply the best. And staying on top of food trends ensures that you'll beat the line ups and find those hot tastes first! Here are the top food trends of today from food trucks, to tacos to some interesting and unexpected new flavours.
06/22/2012 07:27 EDT
Why I Started a Cleanse During the May 2-4

Why I Started a Cleanse During the May 2-4 Weekend

So there I was during our first long weekend of the summer, May 2-4, trying to muster up the courage to start my pre-cleanse. I was sitting on my own patio with a group of friends, barbecuing over the long weekend with no will power to cut out processed foods and stop drinking alcohol...a three day cleanse was ahead of me.
06/04/2012 12:05 EDT
The Miracle Berry: What's Your

The Miracle Berry: What's Your Flavour?

The miracle berries came in a freeze-dried form, so they were like sugar pills. You dissolve the pill and wait for it to coat your tongue. They made sour cream taste like crème cheese, goat cheese taste smooth and silky like cheese cake, and Guinness beer taste smoother and similar to a chocolate milkshake.
03/27/2012 11:15 EDT
Poutine: The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure

Poutine: The Ultimate Guilty Pleasure Food

My not-so-secret guilty pleasure food, which is so bad for you that I get embarrassed actually telling people how frequently I indulge in it, is Quebec's celebrated pride and joy: poutine. I have had a few funny but shameful moments with poutine that I will share for your reading pleasure.
03/20/2012 11:40 EDT