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Jaime Morrison

Research Analyst

Jaime Morrison is a Research and Data Analyst with yconic, parent company of the popular She helps to manage Uthink, Canada’s largest teen and young adult market research community, and provides marketing solutions and insights to organizations and brands that are looking to building meaningful relationships with youth.

Jaime completed her graduate and undergraduate studies with the Arthur Kroeger College of Public Affairs at Carleton University in Ottawa. She specialized in strategic public opinion and policy analysis.

Since graduating in 2011 Jaime has been researching and reporting issues facing the Canadian Millennial generation/GenY. She is passionate about youth engagement, online community management and emerging trends in open-data issues.
Rephrasing the Questions Around Youth

Rephrasing the Questions Around Youth Unemployment

The enduring trend facing youth is an unemployment rate roughly twice the national average. Until we see a change, we'll know nothing is being done differently enough to solve the problem. We need more than just a change in the type of solutions being proposed. I think it's time we rephrase the questions we're asking when it comes to youth unemployment strategies.
01/04/2015 11:31 EST
The Future of Universities: Hands-On vs.

The Future of Universities: Hands-On vs. Online

It is important that we get it right for the generation that will shape our work force and policy decisions for decades to come. Understanding the motivations and the desired experience students seek in their post-secondary education, and how they view education as a life-long pursuit, is critical to the success of new models for education.
07/23/2014 02:59 EDT
How 'Likely Voter Models' Leave Out My

How 'Likely Voter Models' Leave Out My Generation

Naturally, candidates draft campaign platforms to suit likely voters. My concern lies in the potential effect of removing these groups from the conversation altogether. If young people do not see their views, priorities or issues emerging in campaign conversation, this will add a significant barrier to the already daunting task of engaging youth participation.
06/18/2014 08:25 EDT
For New Grads, Job Strategies Just Aren't

For New Grads, Job Strategies Just Aren't Enough

For most people in my generation, stress runs high. Among high school students and university/college students, academic stressors are king. That said, the main stressors facing students and recent graduates are integrally connected. Career stress is a big concern.
05/29/2014 01:16 EDT
Forget the Flashy Office, Millennials Want Jobs With

Forget the Flashy Office, Millennials Want Jobs With Security

While Millennials are known for being the generation of "job-hoppers," switching jobs year-to-year, data from our most recent study shows that the threat posed by high unemployment rates is starting to impact our career goals. A flashy open-concept office or extravagant signing bonus may not be what many new grads are looking for.
03/21/2014 12:30 EDT
INFOGRAPHIC: Student Holiday Budget Survival

INFOGRAPHIC: Student Holiday Budget Survival Guide

During the 30 days leading up to Christmas students and youth aged 16 - 29 told us that they are spending more on holiday activities and gifts for others. And it doesn't end there. Most troubling for many students will be paying tuition next semester. Here are some tips from StudentAwards for how to beat the holiday spending crunch.
12/19/2013 07:51 EST
Millennial Life is Not Like

Millennial Life is Not Like Retirement

Millennials face these "trappings of success" and we aren't making six figures. We live in a world where our parents, teachers, and professors of the c-suite generation still hold us to these traditional measures of success. Today post-secondary students are graduating with more than $26,000 in debt, on average. This is a far cry from the rosier prospects that those in the Baby Boom generation saw when they were in their 20s.
11/19/2013 09:41 EST
What Keeps Millennials Up at

What Keeps Millennials Up at Night

<img alt="2012-11-19-slavkoaskingybanner.jpg" src="" width="300" height="70" /> Within the next decade people in my generation are going to drive the work force, determine government policy and take on greater responsibility within the Canadian economy. By 2020 Millennials will make up over 40 per cent of working-aged Canadians. Here is what's keeping us up at night...
11/20/2012 05:26 EST